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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Progressive Bloggers Meet up in Washington, DC

AAPP: OK, I'm just a bit late in reporting on a great weekend involving bloggers from across the country. Overall, the bloggers who attended the conference actually were very progressive, as were than panelist. I had the opportunity to meet some great bloggers of all backgrounds. I already talked about the many Afrospear bloggers I enjoyed at the conference. One of the many bloggers I really enjoyed, was Alan Franklin from the ProgressNowAction blog. I must admit I had not visited his blog, now after visiting his site I plan to visit often, and join. I had the opportunity facilitate a bridging the blogsphere divide discussion in which we discussed the need to heal and divisions within the blogosphere. It was a lively discussion, to say the least :-)

New Organizing Institute

During the conference we had the opportunity to meet with Darcy Burner, Congressional Candidate for Washington's 8th District. She spoke with us about a national to roll-out of a comprehensive plan for bringing the Iraq War to an end. A group of ten Democratic candidates are leading the effort to get a real conversation going regarding a responsible plan to get us out of Iraq. The plan is now available at ResponsiblePlan.com. I had the opportunity to talk with Man Eegee from the blog Latino Politico we talked about the need for black bloggers and Latino bloggers to unite around common interest. I think the Afrospear should follow-up with that conversation.

Bloggers, K Miles of the Wichita NAACP, Man Eegee, SuperSpade, Field Negro, Matt Glazer, Julie with the red state Rebels, jason Rosenbaum and Blabbeando have all give a word or two about the conference as well.

As blogger, New Mexico FBIHOP, noted "Dozens of progressive bloggers descended upon Washington DC for a Blogger's Summit this weekend. From the reddest of red states to the bluest of blue, from huge state blogs to smaller state blogs, from bloggers on black issues to bloggers on Latino issues, it was truly a diverse group of bloggers. The effort by the New Organizing Institute, the Center for American Progress, Media Matters and the Arca Foundation was phenomenal."

My hat also goes off to everyone involved in this great conference.


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