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Sunday, July 15, 2007

White House Chicken Hawks - GOP Low Lifes

While White House chicken hawks hold firm on a bogus strategy regarding Bush's Iraq War, other chickens are coming home to roost in fear of voter backlash. They are ditching Bush and his screwed up policy in Iraq. Now GOP Senators are even drafting a bill requiring Bush to narrow mission of U.S. Troops Let's hope the voters can see through these morons, who have caused, thousands of American soldiers to die, countless thousands to be injured, hundreds of thousand of Iraqi deaths, and millions of Iraqi's to flee Iraq.

Listen to four other lawmakers discuss their views on the Iraq war: Source: The Washington Post.

Excerpt of Rep. Boren's Interview

Excerpt of Rep. Schakowsky's Interview

Excerpt of Sen. Isakson's Interview

Excerpt of Sen. Snowe's Interview

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