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Friday, April 4, 2008

CNN's Political "Drive-by shooting" of Black Political Bloggers

AAPP: I'm wondering what is going on with CNN these days. Why is CNN's Anderson Cooper and Soledad O'Brien slanting black superdelegate coverage?

Jack Turner/Baratunde recent post provides more background: CNN Does Disservice To Black Bloggers And JJP Specifically. Well folks, after reading Jack's post it appears to me, there was a "political drive-by shooting of Black Political bloggers." This may be centered around the many afrosphere bloggers from all walks of life asking Hillary Clinton to concede now. The reality is many black bloggers and millions of black voters across America have experienced Hillary and Bill Clinton efforts to throw black folks under the bus, Martin Luther King and all. Black folks in turn have voted as a block, just like other groups, to support, possibility, hope, ideas, dreams, and most importantly the plans that Barack represent for all America. Now we learn Barack has even taken the lead in Pennsylvania.

The other reality is that there is a clear understanding in black communities across America that team Hillary has been playing ugly, dirty, divisive politics with America. If the Democratic Party and her handkerchief head house negro Hillary superdelegates attempt to steal the election, the DNC should know there will be hell to pay! I for one will urge black folks to create a sea of change in the body politic of America and urge black folks from across America to register "Independent." it's time to get both parties to come to us the right way, with plans that address our issues, which are America's issues.

Speaking of other parties, word is that Republican insiders are floating the name of Michael Steele, the black former Maryland lieutenant governor and Senate candidate. Steele ran a highly praised, populist toned Senate campaign in 2006 here in Maryland, in a year when President Bush's bad poll ratings dragged down Republicans in Democratic states, including Maryland. You'll remember, Republican Gov. Bob Ehrlich lost his bid for a second term in Annapolis, MD. John McCain would be wise to pick a more youthful Steele to the equation. But don't do it if Barack gets the nod. Steele currently runs GOPAC and is well respected in Maryland.

If Hillary and Democratic Party big shots steal the election, This Independent Voter may want to support a different type of Steele. A heart beat from the presidency.

Thoughts anyone?

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