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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Check Out This week's Bloggers' Roundtable: What Is a 'Black Leader'?

What Is a 'Black Leader'?

Afrospear members Wayne Hicks of Electronic Village, and Yobachi Boswell of Black Perspective, along with La Shawn Barber of La Shawn Barbers's Corner, joined Farai Chideya on NPR News & Notes. This week they debated "who speaks for black America "and discussed racial preferences in college admissions. As usual, the program was great. I feeling that program is to short and NPR needs to expand the program to at least 45 minutes.

Listen Now [13 min 52 sec] add to playlist

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Calling Out Al Sharpton an Martin Luther King III - Is it Right?

Working to hold Black leadership, opinion makers, public officials and institutions accountable

The stage is set to call people out for the Immoral Indifference

Source Tip: black accountability project

Source: What About Our Daughters and

By: Sayeed aka BLKSeaGoat


I had an amazing experience last night on the Black Women's Roundtable podcast sponsored by Gina at What About Our Daughters - Defunding the War on Black Women and Attorneymom at Character Corner. We discussed many different subjects but perhaps the most important agenda item for me was to talk about counter demonstrating the Washington D.C. March on Hate Crimes. For many of you who still are unaware, a horrific gang rape and torture style attack were carried out on a Black mother and a pre-teen son by a group of 10 teenage boys, now known as the Dunbar Village Tragedy. Gina McCauley at WAOD and Symphony of Essential Presence have been covering this story rather tenaciously. Collectively, they have been asking for the past 4 months, "Why are Black "Leaders" SILENT about Dunbar Village"? Please read about this vile and disgusting attack, as well as all updates regarding Dunbar Village here.

In an effort to bring more light to this story and to confront black "leaders" about their peculiar silence regarding this case, particularly Al Sharpton, it became clear to me that we can organize a counter protest to the Hate Crimes March in DC on November 16, 2007 from 12 noon - 2:00pm at the Department of Justice. If Sharpton, King III, and to others can take to the streets to chide the Federal Government for inaction on investigating and actively prosecuting hate crimes, surely we can criticize the good Reverend and his colleagues, for the very same thing. As Gina would put it, "Let's call people out for the Immoral Indifference".

Let me be clear, this is NOT an attempt to get Mr. Sharpton (OR HIS ILK) to advocate for Dunbar Village and others; clearly we have taken on the onus of advocating for them. I merely want ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from Mr. Shaprton (whose presence alone commands national media attention... good or bad) that this kind of sadistic, calculated, weaponized, form of rape and torture will not be tolerated! To quote the esteemed writer/scholar/activist/feminist Audre Lorde, "[our] silence will not protect [us]." I am tired, angry, and ready to accept this moral call-to-arms, if you will, to place the same premium on black womanhood as society places on white womanhood. Will you join me and others as we organize ourselves to challenge the collective conscience of the black community and America as a whole? Put your outrage, disgust, and disappointment to action! If you can be there, JOIN ME!!!

Should black Americans demonstrate against other blacks in public squares? Should blacks who consider themselves leaders be held accountable? If so, how? if, so when? if so, by who? If not, why not?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Black Accountability

The Black Accountability Project

Working to hold Black and other public individuals and institutions accountable.

Times are changing in Black communities across America. Communities continue to worsen for many Black Americans. Racism or Color Arousal continues to negatively impact black lives.

The promise of Martin Luther King's dream connected to the civil rights movement has never materialized for many Black families in America. A majority of urban cities across America are becoming or have become gentrified, as black youth kill each-other in the streets of America. Black senior citizens are scared to come out to even take a walk in many urban communities.

Our communities are dividing as new and old segregated class divisions expand across the American landscape. No one is being held accountable for the pathological political culture of black elected officials caring more about themselves than the people that elected them. The culture of gangster rap, incarceration, drug dependency, teen sex and violence taking control of many black communities. A culture were Black women are dying of AIDS in record numbers, while cancers, hypertension, and other diseases kill us at alarming rates. Agencies outside our communities receive the lion share of health prevention, education and treatment dollars. The reality is, black institutions, black political leaders, such as the Congressional Black Caucus, sports and radio personalities, black preachers, social services organizations, Federal, state, and local governments, the Democrats and the Republicans are generally failing black communities.

National groups like the NAACP and Urban League and dozens of national black organizations are supported by wealthy white corporate donors who urge these organizations to stay clear of grassroots organizing and real economic political development - This must stop.

It's time for Black accountability, its time for change.

Welcome to the Black Accountability Project
Coming December 1, 2007

Dog Chapman: bury me with the black slaves - I'm part Indian

I think that Roy Innis, Fox News, and Duane (the convicted killer), “The Dog” Chapman should all be shipped to a super max prison for 100 years.

Dog Chapman should go to the supermax prison because he is a convicted murderer. No, he should go because he said he wants to be buried with the slaves of George Washington. No wait a minute, he should go because he thinks, in his small mind, that he is somehow a Native American. Or should he go to super max because he is so damn
ignorant and stupid? OK let's forget about him for a minute, lets talk about that other butt hole, Roy Innis. Now that is a guy who should go to the Super Max Prison, because he is a moron, and he is most dangerous.

And you know why the whole FOX news organization should go to a super max prison for 100 years, they have been also deemed the most dangerous, and we must be, fair and balanced.
Check out this video by Dog Chapman and his good friends at FOX

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Megan Williams - Guardian Requested By Prosecutor

While many are debating the stupidity of Micheal Baisden, the ignorance of the NAACP and Jena 6 Families, one of the two biggest human rights and justice issues of modern day Black America continues to go unreported, uncovered, and seemingly unimportant to many old guard and new guard members of in the civil rights/human rights community in America - the Megan Williams and Dunbar Village case.

You see, the Meagan Williams and the Dunbar Village rape and tortures could have ended as the barefoot corpse of Laura Nelson did back on May 25, 1911 in Okemah, Oklahoma - Thank God it didn't.

If either or both ended up like Laura Nelson did, then the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of the civil rights and human rights community would be taking pictures at the WV capitol and the Florida Capitol asking for a national inquiry into white racism and lynching and black male gang violence. But, because Megan Williams and the family living in Dunbar Village are poor black (economically) folk, it appears that no one except the AfroSpear and a few local media outlets are even paying any attention to the Megan Williams case of the Dunbar case.
Thank God for Gina at the blog What about Our Daughters!

Barefoot corpse of Laura Nelson -May 25, 1911 in Okemah, Oklahoma

AAPP says: Get this, The prosecutor in the Megan Williams case says he filed a motion for the court to appoint a legal guardian for Williams because the people around her may not be acting in her best interests. This report is pissing my the hell off! How dare this prosecutor attempt to pull this family apart! Megan Williams is attempting to heal. Her family is supporting her the best way they can. How dare the prosecutor say the mother, is not being a good mother, and i not working in her best interest.

Citing records of special education classes, Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham requested a guardian ad item for 20-year-old . More HERE Charleston Gazette, WV

Also, as reported in the Sunday Gazette - Logan County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Abraham, who filed the motion Wednesday, said the 20-year-old woman needs someone to look out for her during the coming prosecutions of six people charged with torturing, raping and kidnapping her.

“I filed a motion for a guardian ad litem out of concern that the people in her social sphere and the people around her may be allowing things, media events, that are not in Megan’s best interest or in the best interest of her case,” Abraham said Thursday. “And she may not have a full appreciation or understanding of how this impacts her case.”

There is More:

A guardian ad item is normally appointed in cases where minors are involved, to protect the legal interests of the minor, he said.

“I have done it in the past with adults with some mental incapacity,” Abraham said.

The prosecutor said that despite the move, he still believes Williams would be a competent witness against her alleged attackers.

“I am not concerned about her competency to testify but I do have concerns about her managing her own affairs,” he said.

Abraham said he has concerns about some of the statements Williams has made in the media about when she first arrived at the trailer of Bobby and Frankie Brewster. Carmen Williams, Megan’s mother, told him that statements from one such interview were taken out of context.

“Obviously she was down here earlier that summer,” Abraham said.

Before a march last Saturday in Charleston, the prosecutor said he thought Megan Williams’ appearances in the media could only hurt the case against her attackers. He repeated that on Thursday.

More | HERE | and HERE

Micheal Baisden

Black bloggers unite against Micheal Baisden.

Unified in support of Color of Change. Here is a sample of what black and other bloggers are talking about:

Michael Baisden 0% Accountability - The Color of Change = 100%

It appears that Radio personality Michael Baisden, a nationally syndicated black radio host who is leading a major fundraising drive on behalf of the Jena 6, has declined to reveal how much he has collected and where the money is. ... African American Opinion

Michael Baisden Attacks Color of Change
by Thin Black Duke aka Kevin Slant Truth

Michael Baisden Apologizes to Color of Change
by Eddie G. Griffin
Eddie Griffin BASG

Michael Baisden Attacks Color of Change and Jena 6 families
by Jill Tubman
Despite direct communications with Michael Baisden and his staff, Baisden has chosen to air falsehoods promoted by one of the Jena 6 father, Marcus Jones. Jack and Jill Politics -

Jena 6 Families to Black Blogosphere..."We Don't Know Who Y'all
by g-e-m2001
Micahel Bell's Daddy ( the one who can't stop his child from repeatedly violating parole), gets on the Michael Baisden show and says he doesn't know WHO Color of Change is and then goes on to slander ALL Black activists online. What About Our Daughters

Michael Baisden's "Jena-Gate" a Sham for Ratings
ByAndre Banks
After colorofchange.org helped drive the Black netroots toward the Jena 6 campaign and worked non-stop to turn that campaign into national news, radio host Michael Baisden has dragged some disgruntled family member on the air..

by Exodus Mentality
Exodus Mentality

Jena 6, the Black netroots & the importance of media literacy
by Chris Rabb
Recently, a storm has brewed over allegations by popular radio host Michael Baisden that progressive advocacy group, ColorofChange.org, has defrauded one of the Jena 6 families. It is a serious, unsubstantiated and ridiculous charge.

Baisden issues part of an apology to Color of Change
by Prometheus 6

Only Color of Change Has Fully Accounted for Its Jena Six Funds
by Francis L. Holland Blog
Chicago Tribune. Many other groups that have raised money for the Jena Six have failed to immediately account for and disburse their funds, including the NAACP and radio personality Michael Baisden, according to the Chicago Tribune.
The Francis L. Holland Blog

Michael Baisden Smears, Then Half-Ass Apologizes to Color of Change
by rikyrah
Mirror On America

Michael Baisden is wrong and should apologize
by blogdig.net
Michael Baisden is wrong and should apologize.by George Cook

People Who Live in Glass Houses
byJane Hamsher

Michael Baisden, a nationally syndicated black radio host who is leading a major fundraising drive on behalf of the Jena 6, has declined to reveal how much he has collected.firedoglake.com

More on Michael Baisden’s bizarre allegations
by alanbean Friends of Justice

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