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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Post Racial America - Obama Holloween Mask - 2009

Contact Information The Obama Administration

OK, this is not actually contact information. But here are the names and faces of key Obama staffers. There are great Vanity Fair Photos and article on the Obama Team. Notice the few black folks in the team? What's up with that? At least it seems the President's domestic policy team has black folks in the right positions and numbers. Lets hope those positions and numbers count for something in the long run. More Here

The First Couple

The First Couple, on the inaugural-parade route to the White House, wave to the adoring crowd gathered along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Tom Daschle, Eric Shinseki, Ray Lahood, Hilda Solis, Tom Vilsack, Janet Napolitano, Timothy Geithner

From left: TOM DASCHLE, secretary-designate of health and human services; ERIC SHINSEKI, secretary of veterans affairs; RAY LaHOOD, secretary of transportation; HILDA SOLIS, secretary-designate of labor; TOM VILSACK, secretary of agriculture; JANET NAPOLITANO, secretary of homeland security; TIMOTHY GEITHNER, secretary-designate of the Treasury.

Eric Holder Jr., Arne Duncan, Susan Rice, Steven Chu, Ken Salazar

From left: ERIC HOLDER JR., attorney general–designate; ARNE DUNCAN, secretary of education; SUSAN RICE, ambassador to the United Nations; STEVEN CHU, secretary of energy; KEN SALAZAR, secretary of the interior.

Shaun Donovan, Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton


From left: SHAUN DONOVAN, secretary of housing and urban development; ROBERT GATES, secretary of defense; HILLARY CLINTON,
secretary of state.

Lawrence Summers, Peter Orszag, Timothy Geithner, Christina Romer

From left: LAWRENCE SUMMERS, director, National Economic Council; PETER ORSZAG,TIMOTHY GEITHNER, secretary-designate of the Treasury; CHRISTINA ROMER, chair, Council of Economic Advisers.
director, Office of Management and Budget.

Steven Chu, Carol Browner, Ken Salazar, Lisa Jackson

From left: STEVEN CHU, secretary of energy; CAROL BROWNER, coordinator of energy and climate policy; KEN SALAZAR, secretary of the interior; LISA JACKSON, administrator, Environmental Protection Agency.

David Medina, Melissa Winter, Jackie Norris, Jocelyn Frye, Camille Johnston, Franny Starkey Sanguin, Desiree Rogers

From left: DAVID MEDINA, deputy chief of staff; MELISSA WINTER, deputy chief of staff; JACKIE NORRIS, chief of staff; JOCELYN FRYE, director of policy and projects; CAMILLE JOHNSTON, director of communications; FRANNY STARKEY SANGUIN, director of scheduling and advance; DESIRÉE ROGERS, White House social secretary.

Cecilia Munoz, Michael Strautmanis, Christopher Lu, Heather Higginbottom, Patrick Gaspard, Melody Barnes

From left: CECILIA MUÑOZ, director, intergovernmental affairs; MICHAEL STRAUTMANIS, public liaison; CHRISTOPHER LU, Cabinet secretary; HEATHER HIGGINBOTTOM, deputy director, Domestic Policy Council; PATRICK GASPARD, political director; PHIL SCHILIRO, director of legislative affairs; MELODY BARNES, director, Domestic Policy Council.

Tim Skoczek, Jordan Mishkin, Jesse Lewin, Conor Whelan

media monitors.

Ben Finkenbinder, Jen Psaki, Katie Lillie, Katie Hogan, Samantha Tubman


From left: BEN FINKENBINDER, assistant press secretary; JEN PSAKI, traveling press secretary; KATIE LILLIE, press wrangler; KATIE HOGAN, assistant press secretary; SAMANTHA TUBMAN, press wrangler.

Reggie Love, Alyssa Mastromonaco, Marvin Nicholson

From left: REGGIE LOVE, personal aide to the president; ALYSSA MASTROMONACO,MARVIN NICHOLSON, trip director.
director of scheduling and advance.

Ellen Moran, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Favreau, Robert Gibbs

From left: ELLEN MORAN, communications director; DAN PFEIFFER, deputy communications director; JON FAVREAU, director of speechwriting; ROBERT GIBBS, White House press secretary.

David Axelrod, Pete Rouse, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett


From left: DAVID AXELROD, senior adviser; PETE ROUSE, senior adviser; RAHM EMANUEL, chief of staff; VALERIE JARRETT, senior adviser.

Caroline Kennedy, Senator Ted Kennedy

Key Supporters

I guess everyone have forgotten these key voters.... so far.

H/T Shakesville Blogger for the above photos

Your Employer May Wish You Were Dead

Is your employer taking out life insurance on you? I bet you there is a lot of black folks who are working for companies that are taking insurance policies out on them. H/T to blogger Over Analyze It for the post.

You may want to send an email to your human resource department asking if they have taken an insurance policy out on you!
Sometimes you don't know who you can trust.

Tasers, Taser International and messages of the Heart

How many times have I blogged about taser torture on this blog? How many pictures have you viewed like this?

How many times have you read and article like this? Electrocuted While Black: Police taser unarmed, legless black man ...

Merced Tasing


Well it looks like Taser International has said Uncle. As reported by The Chicago Sun Times, The Taser International warning has spured Chicago into review of it's taser policy. Yes, finally the makers of TASER devices say don't aim at chest. As reported by many bloggers, including the Electronic Village, news outlets and internet sources, Taser maker Taser International is advising police agencies across the nation to avoid aiming the devices at a suspect’s chest. The Arizona-based company says such action poses an “extremely low” risk of an “adverse cardiac event.” The Atlanta Journal reports that Law enforcement in Atlanta, Gwinnett and Clayton County said they are in the process of scheduling training for their officers who carry Tasers.

“It won’t be a huge change. It’s a difference of a few inches,” said Sgt. Tony Kessler, a training officer for the Clayton County Sheriff. “We still have the back and other parts of the body.”

Gwinnett Police spokesman Cpl. David Schiralli said the Taser manufacturer only “recommended aiming lower towards the abdominal region,” but said the 279 officers who have Tasers will be retrained.

Cobb County Police are already ahead of the game, spokesman Officer Joe Hernandez said. Cobb’s 100 Tasers are carried by only veteran patrol officers, the Tactical Team, Burglary Apprehension Team and robbery interdiction squad. More HERE

The advisory, issued in an Oct. 12 training bulletin, marks the first time that Taser has suggested any risk of ill effects on the heart from the use of its 50,000-volt stun guns. More HERE

Electronic Village reports, Taser International, the maker of taser guns is advising police officers to avoid shooting suspects in the chest with the 50,000-volt weapon, saying that it could pose an extremely low risk of an "adverse cardiac event."

The advisory, issued in an Oct. 12 training bulletin, marks the first time that Taser has suggested any risk of ill effects on the heart from the use of its 50,000-volt taser guns.

Electronic Village goes on to report that critics, including civil-rights lawyers and human-rights advocates, called the training bulletin an admission by Taser that its guns could cause cardiac arrest. For years, Taser officials have said in interviews, court cases and government hearings that the stun gun is incapable of inducing ventricular fibrillation, the chaotic heart rhythm characteristic of a heart attack. More HERE There have been more than 400 deaths in the U.S. and 26 in Canada since 2001, according to a study by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Tasers have contributed to more than 30 of those deaths, according to medical examiners.

Three of those occurred in the Gwinnett County jail after deputies used a Taser on combative inmates. Autopsies showed two of those deaths were the result of heart attacks, but did not cite what caused the cardiac arrest. The other death was ruled the result of “excited delirium” – a combination of cocaine, alcohol and physical exertion that excited his heart too much, according to the medical examiner.

A spokeswoman for the Gwinnett sheriff said Taser International's training bulletin has already been sent out to all of the deputies who carry Tasers. More HERE

"All future training will have it incorporated too," sheriff's spokeswoman Stacey Bourbonnais said Thursday.

AAPP: Well it looks like law suits, black and other bloggers have placed enough pressure on Taser International to send out this new advisory. See: Black Bloggers Call for 'Congressional Taser Torture Hearing, A Day of Blogging for Justice – Against Extra-Judicial, The SuperSpade A Day of Blogging for Justice, Blogging For Justice – Police Abuse (Tasers) A Slant Truth, African American Political Pundit Blog: Blacks, Tasers and Torture ..., A Day of Blogging for Justice – Blogging Against Extra-Judicial ... , A day of blogging for justice: Standing up against police pre ..., as so many more bloggers.

The new advisory is having major impact on law enforcement standard operating procedures. Let's see if it make any difference on the streets of Amderica, or will cops actually aim at the chest in the future, as a way of killing people?

Boulder, Colorado ACLU wants Tasers holstered

New Guidelines For APD On Taser Gun Use - Albuquerque News Story

Metro Police Change Taser Policy

Police rethink stun-gun policy

Read more on tasering at the following blogs.

What We Think About Taser Abuse
Tasered While Black

Don't forget to
sign the petition on Taser Torture In America. Join Mary Neal and so many other bloggers. Place a widget on your blog or website in support for the call for Congressional hearings...

It's time to join with other bloggers for the
Stop Taser Torture, blogging for Justice Day" on 12 4, 2009.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Barack Obama, Domestic Terrorism and 00bama

Over the past few months a number of people have asked me if I'm expecting too much of our President, Barack Obama. Some have asked if I think he is some type of super negro. Well... after some thought, I must say, NO, my expectations are not too high, but I must admit there are many people who are expecting him to be a 00-bama. Big Hat Tip to James Jolly (00bama) and the rest of the cast. More at: www.00bama.tv

00Bama, Episode 1: Barack Vs. Domestic Terrorism

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