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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NAACP support of predatory lender Wells Fargo

As Black folks suffer the NAACP plans a big party with Wells Fargo,  the nation’s largest predatory lender.  

Photo by Josh Anderson for The New York Times - Tyrone Banks in his home in Memphis. He is in danger of losing it after the payments on his mortgage rose and he lost his job at FedEx.

This is so sad, as one of my favorite bloggers, Faye Anderson publisher of the blog Anderson@Large alerted folks that those bastards at Wells Fargo are the lead sponsors of the NAACP’s 101st annual convention

NAACP Convention 

Faye points out in her recent post, "While patting itself on the back for getting Wells Fargo to commit to doing what the bank says it is already doing, the NAACP refuses to disclose the details of their “partnership.” Read more HERE >

Maybe it's time for the National office of the NAACP to be held accountable, and report on any and all funding received from predatory lender Wells Fargo, in keeping with Federal IRS 990 reporting regulations, and State of Maryland Charitable contributions reporting.  

I also agree with Faye Anderson when she wrote, "While the NAACP provides Wells Fargo with a platform to try to bamboozle black folks, the national leadership continues to stonewall questions about their financial arrangement. The NAACP must be transparent with the African American community. It should start by answering the questions posed by bloggers and others."Read more HERE >

Thank you Faye Anderson for keeping it real. I'm glad that other bloggers like Booker Rising, are paying attention to this issue as well. Maybe a new direction for the NAACP
will include transparency on the part of the national office. I have my doubts.

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