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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gay Con Man accuses Obama of snorting Cocaine

Bad day at the office ... Barack Obama, and inset, from top to bottom, Montgomery Blair Sibley and Larry Sinclair.

AAPP: A Gay con man who is called a man with a colorful background: a 27-year criminal career which includes convictions for fraud, forging cheques, and stealing credit card numbers, is trying to get over and destroy Barack Obama, fortunately no one is listening to his bull.

Yes, It has started folks. the swift boating of Obama has begun. As reported by the Sidney Morning Hearld, " THERE are crazy days in every campaign and one of them just struck the 2008 US presidential election trail.

The Obama campaign is keeping an eye on another circus unfolding in Washington. There, Larry Sinclair, a gay man from Minnesota who alleges he snorted cocaine and had sex with the Democratic nominee, held a news conference.

His allegations have been sloshing around on the internet for six months, ever since he posted a YouTube video. But after he took a polygraph test and failed, he has struggled to get mainstream media interest in a story he said began in the back of a limousine in Chicago in 1999.

On Wednesday Sinclair booked a room at the National Press Club to produce the evidence and try to capture the national spotlight for his claims. But he spent much of the time answering questions about himself. He has what is called a colourful background: a 27-year criminal career which includes convictions for fraud, forging cheques, and stealing credit card numbers.


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Michelle Obama bashers are ignorant

A great article by Mary C. Curtis in the Washington post on why aren't more feminists coming to the defense of Michelle Obama the way they defended Hillary Clinton? It appears to this pundit that there may be some color aroused issues and Strains in the Democratic Sisterhood. I'm in agreement with many black bloggers that this Michelle-Bashing is bigoted, intense and ignorant.

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Obama’s Beat Up on Black Males Fans Old Stereotypes

Obama’s Beat Up on Black Males Fans Old Stereotypes
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama thundered to long, loud and vigorous applause from a Father’s Day Chicago church crowd that black fathers don’t engage with their children. A month before Obama made this stereotypical and plainly false assertion, Boston University professor Rebekah Levine Coley, in a comprehensive study on the black family, found that black fathers who aren’t in the home are much more likely to sustain regular contact with their children than absentee white fathers, or for that matter, fathers of any other ethnic group. The study is not an obscure study buried in the thick pages of a musty academic journal. It was widely cited in a feature article on black fathers in the May 19, 2008 issue of Newsweek. There was no excuse then to spout this myth. The facts are totally contrary to Obama’s knock. Read More HERE

Obama, McCain and Poverty In America

OK Folks you know I support Barack Obama for President right? And we all know Sen. Barack Obama defied history, becoming the first African-American candidate to head a major party ticket and having a viable chance of becoming the real first Black President of the United States. Now it's not only time for Barack Obama to choose a running mate, it's also time for him and the Republican nominee to really address poverty in America, Black Unemployment, Crime and Punishment in America, and a number of other issues impacting African American communities across America. As Hazel Trice Edney, NNPA Editor-in-Chief has noted in her recent article, The day after presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama announced his historic victory, the monthly jobs report showed the African-American jobless rate as being once again higher than all other racial. read More HERE.

AAPP: Maybe, just maybe it's time for the cadidates to reall address poverty in America. Now I remember last year when as reported by the blog Open Left, Senator Obama gave a speech in Washington, D.C., in which he outlined a $6 billion agenda to fight the problem of urban poverty in America.

Like Max Fletcher wrote in Open left the plan was quite bold and comprehensive, and as is often the case with detailed policy proposals, has been difficult for reporters and the average American to digest and analyze beyond dollar figures and catch phrases.

Maybe Barack can spell out how he plans to address poverty in America without those Harvard University words like Family-based Progressivism attributed to Obama and Policy Director Karen Kornbluh. Here is more of Barack Obama's Urban Poverty Plan
. I plan to read and make sense of this document and give my thoughts on this blog. Maybe Barack Obama needs to have more black folks on his policy team that can provide clearer definition to his current plans.

I wonder what the John McCain plan is to address poverty in America?

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Politics of Gay Black Men

AAPP: Talking about issues related to Gay black men may not be an interesting topic for many black political bloggers, but it is for this African American Political Pundit (and let me be very clear "I'm Not Gay)." Yes, I placed it in bold folks. There are many issues in gay communities that are not talked about by the main stream media or for that matter the black blogging community. As an example the issue of blacks gays getting married and if Gay Marriage is Anti Black is not a topic of conversation with many black bloggers, not was the incident Or how about the Busted Florida Republican state rep's "black gay panic" defense on soliciting charge.


I find the blog Weilding the Axe to be an interesting blog to read, (note: forget about the pictures my straight brothers, they can make some uncomfortable) as it provides some ramblings from a sometimes gay, sometimes bisexual, rarely straight, multiracial, multi-ethnic, black man discovering what it means to live in a world of infinite diversity.

NOTE: I have always wondered why so many black gay bloggers have to be sexually explicit on their blogs? Do you know why?

His recent post A Measure Of Opinion I found very interesting particularly the issue of Do (Gay) Black Men Need Black Women in which he wrote, "Some of you might be acquainted with a YouTube program called The "&" Show. Recently I discovered one broadcast via the African American Opinion blog. I went to YouTube and caught a few other programs, highlighting issues and concerns of gay Black men. The first video I saw Ugly Gay Men seemingly attacked anyone who does fit the classic mold of beauty. If you've crooked teeth, an ounce of fat, or are slightly perfect, well you might as well climb into a box and die less thannow. The hosts briefly broached ugliness in one's attitudes and personality, but focused primarily on how a person looks.

With regards to second video viewed, Do (Gay) Black Men Need Black Women, the two hosts disagreed on having women present in their lives. I won't rehash the conversation, just that both videos didn't seem to uphold a measure of support or true understanding. I put a link at the bottom of the page. See for yourselves. Read More HERE

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is DNC Ignoring Black Blogger Concerns?

AAPP Says: Well it's been over a month and it appears that the DNCC has refused to address a number of Black blogger concerns regarding what can be viewed as blogger segregation. As Black bloggers fight to make our voices heard, more black bloggers and left wing supporters are beginning to ask: Is The DNC Hating On “Black” Bloggers? Why Are There No Black Blogs in the DNC's Floor Blogger Corps.

Hat Tip Hustle Knockin

Is The DNC Hating On "Black Bloggers"

Dallas Morning News is reporting that “minority bloggers that felt spurned by the Democratic National Committee got some vindication recently when they were added to the list of blogs invited by party officials to cover their convention in August – but some still say the white blogs got preferential treatment and will get better access.”

Members of the “AfroSpear” web network, a circle of African-American run blogs, complained last month when 55 blogs were credentialed to cover the convention in Denver as part of the “State Blogger Corps” but only a few could be identified as minority blogs or having minority writers, the newspaper reported.A few weeks later, the DNC added 69 blogs to their “General Blogger Pool” list, many of them being minority blogs.

The list included the Dallas South blog, published by Shawn Williams, who had written U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson about the lack of African-Americans among the bloggers at the convention. Other minority blogs included in the updated list are Pam’s House Blend, Jack and Jill, Culture Kitchen and African American Political Pundit.

More at Hustle Knockin‘and HERE and below:

Global Grind - Is The DNC Hating On “Black” Bloggers?

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Pandagon :: Democratic National Convention state blog selection

Pam's House Blend:: Q & A on the DNC's Virtually All-White Floor

JBlog Central - The Jewish Blog Network How should DNC blogger

Black Bloggers upset at DNC over lack of convention respect.

Democratic blogging pool needs to work toward integration: Opinion

Democrats' Convention Pool: Is It All Wet? - washingtonpost.com

Michael Calderone's Blog: Is the DNC excluding black bloggers

No Muslim's allowed Behind Obama?

Are the Obama's being required to be Politically Correct? Well from all indications it appears that Barack and Michelle Obama are the most politically correct couple of this campaign. As an example:

Obama audience members in Detroit - June 16
Paul Sancya, AP

AOL News reports that Two Muslim women attending Barack Obama's rally in Detroit on Monday said they were barred by campaign volunteers from sitting directly behind the presidential candidate because they wear head scarfs. Spectators seated in that section, above, were shown on TV. More HERE

Do you think Obama's campaign should exclude and bar campaign volunteers from sitting directly behind the presidential candidate because they wear head scarfs?

NOTE: African American Political Pundit is a 2008 DNC credentialed blogger and will be broadcasting and blogging live at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Help send me to the Democratic National Convention as a credentialed blogger.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Election 08, Politics, Racism, Color Arousal, Women, Black Men, Assassination, American Style Bigotry

Question: Did Hillary Clinton create this problem when she opened up the conversation about assassinations?

Check out this nut jobs website.

the assassination of barack obama.com

Thoughts anyone?

The bigots are coming out big time. check out this so-called art exhibit that was raided and shut down before it could be viewed in NYC yesterday.

As reported by blogger Sanda Rose and according to the NY Times blog: Cityroom, Boston-born performance artist, Yazmany Arboleda, tried to set up a provocative art exhibition in a vacant storefront on West 40th Street in Midtown Manhattan with the title, “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/The Assassination of Barack Obama”. More HERE

There is More HERE

Monday, June 16, 2008

Did Jesse Jackson Diss African American Bloggers

jesse jackson

Hat Tip: The Strange Death of Liberal America.com who wrote: White folks should probably stay out of internal disputes in the African American community, but the latest controversy over the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s opinions about blogs reminded me so much of another dispute from the past that I had to comment. More HERE

Here is what Jackson said to Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune

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