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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Obama Is a American Phenomenon

The Obama Phenomenon
H/T Robert Herbert, NY Times

"People are lining up to believe in him. He has the easy demeanor (in a long, lanky frame) of someone who’s comfortable with himself. Even when he fires up a crowd, he doesn’t get too hot. He has the cadences that remind you of King but the cool that reminds you of Kennedy — John, not Robert.

If the Clintons are going to stop Mr. Obama, they need to do it now. If he wins the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, the news media will go nuts and he will head toward the Jan. 19 caucuses in Nevada and the Jan. 26 primary in South Carolina (where half the voters are African-American) with incredible momentum.

I expect that African-Americans, under those circumstance, would view his campaign with almost religious fervor. All those questions about whether he’s black enough would be history. Mr. Obama would be perceived by many as within striking distance of the presidency, and there will be very few blacks in favor of stopping that train." More HERE

H/T agcommunications

Obama and the black - African-American Vote - Another Black Doll vs White Doll Test?

Ok, the vote is over in Iowa. Obama won that state!

Now the question is can Obama count on the black vote? The fact of the matter is Black voters helped Obama gain ground on Clinton. Now the question is can Obama count on the black vote? For many black voters in America it may come down to a simple test. Which one will we choose? Will we follow the pattern that we have followed for hundreds of years and pick the white Doll over the black doll? Thinking that the white doll would be nicer? Thinking that we could not trust the black doll? Or will black voters pick the black doll and not follow out of step Black Leaders?

Someone should do a test of 50 black kids and 50 black adults and place an Obama doll, a Hillary Doll and a Edwards doll in front of them and ask them to choose and the reason why. I bet you the results would be shocking! It's not only American Black's that have to address inner hatred of our own people, it will be blacks living in other countries who through absentee ballot will vote for president as well.

There are some that will say that the Presidency is more important than a doll test. I would say, maybe, maybe not. Are Presidents only puppets to the power elite in America anyway?

So the question for black voters may be: Which puppet doll do you want? The black puppet doll or the white puppet doll?

I like the black puppet doll. It's all a political game anyway, lets place some play time requirements on the black puppet doll so it can positively impact on black americans life. Otherwise we are just not in the game. I plan to pick the black doll? How about you?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Will black voters switch their allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, now that he has won Iowa?

Yes you heard me! Hillary and Bill Clinton have used Black Voters Long Enough!

I'm no Fox News Fan or a huge fan of Juan Williams for that matter, but Juan Williams gets it right many times, and is right when he said, Blacks Support Clinton Because Of “Patronage Politics.”

Unfortunately, Ellen at News Hounds just does not get it. As she reported on the blog News Hounds, During special coverage of the Iowa caucuses on FOX News last night (1/3/08), African American Juan Williams, a FOX News contributor, spoke stirringly about what a historic night it had been for America that a predominantly white state had selected a black man as its leading candidate for a presidential nomination.

Ellen goes on to report that a few moments later, "he (Juan Williams) smeared his own race with the dubious claim that the reason blacks love the Clintons is because of “patronage politics” that delivered money and other favors for their community."

Ellen, I say, "wake up and smell the bacon, the Clintons have been doing exactly that for years. mainly for alleged "black leaders" for many special pork barrel projects that never impacted in a positive way in African American communities."

Will blacks switch their allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama , now that he has won Iowa? I'm in agreement with Juan Williams when he responded, “It’s gotta introduce the idea that people saying, ‘Wait a minute. I can be a part of history, something very special going on here' and it introduces also identity politics to a new level, that you just take pride in the accomplishments of this incredible young man. But on the other hand, the reason that the numbers were reflective of a Clinton win so far among African Americans, is because Bill Clinton had practiced what I would call ‘patronage politics’ for so long. People had gotten money, they’d gotten paid, they knew exactly that they could rely on Clinton as a pipeline for support in the black community, in the black churches, all the way down to the community centers. They knew how that worked. They don’t know Barack Obama. They don’t know that they can trust him to deliver. They don’t know if he’s got to make a show of favoring whites or suburbanites in order to prove his bona fides with that part of the electorate."

Ellen writes that Williams’ comments were nasty and cynical assessment of Clinton’s popularity with blacks. WTF!

Check this out, she even goes into Williams did not take into account many other factors, such as his (Bill Clinton's) personal knack for relating to African Americans. Double WTF! And get this, she says that he relates so much to black people that Toni Morrison was moved to call him the “first black president.”

AAPP: Wholly Sh**! Not the First Black President Bull sh** again.

Here is the real facts, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have been willing to throw black poor under the train with a Welfare Reform program that did not work, NAFTA that took millions of jobs from blacks and placed into the hands of China, Japan, Vietnam and other countries, while throwing Sistah Souljah under the bus as part of the process.

So, Ms. Ellen, your post was well intended, but your facts were wrong. The fact of the matter is Bill and Hillary Clinton may really like black people, (I have my doubts) yet, they more importantly want to get elected and they know the importance of the black vote in order to get elected, and they are willing to use a new Southern Strategy to make it happen. Now the big question is... Will Blacks switch their allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, now that he has won in Iowa? Or Could Black Voters Trip Up Obama?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Obama Wins! Hillary Clinton Scrambles looking for black vote

Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) has won the Iowa caucuses while Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) got herself a third-place finish with her negative campaigning. Democrat Barack Obama has put to rest the question of whether a black presidential candidate can win in white America.

I guess he answered my own question

The Washington Post notes, "Obama's win sends a shockwave through the Democratic field as a candidate who was elected to the Senate from Illinois just two years ago has toppled the first family of Democratic politics. Clinton's apparent inability to beat out Edwards is likely to send warning signals throughout her campaign." More HERE

AAPP says: Clinton emphasized her experience as a senator and being the wife of former president Bill Clinton. Obama said his experience as a new U.S. Senator, his experience as a legislator, his biracial background and his experience on the ground in Chicago would make him the better candidate to bring Washington and the nation together. The people of Iowa have spoken. Clinton does not represent change. Like Neo the fictional character in the movie the Matrix, Obama just may be the one. It just may be up to black folks on Super Tuesday to now see that whites are willing to vote for a black man, and turn around and vote for Obama instead of Edwards and Hillary. Make this dream of change a reality.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is scrambling big time. Probably for black votes through the Carolina's. Yes, Ms. Howdy Doody is fighting for her political future and it don't look that great for her and her tired husband who thinks he actually is the first black president. Hopefully black folks who turn to Obama and away from the Clinton's. They are so yesterday's news, just like stupid people.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Can a Black Man Become President in 2008?

That is the question of the hour. As WaPo noted, History favors the establishment's machine over the insurgent's passion: Al Gore over Bill Bradley, John Kerry over Dean, George W. Bush over John McCain. In 2008, that would mean Clinton over Obama.

But Obama is not scared, in fact Obama is sounding more like boxer Muhammad Ali in his prime. Check out Obama: "The polls show I'm the only Democrat who right out beats every Republican they can throw up there," he told the crowd here. "I beat Mitt, I beat Rudy, I beat John, I beat Fred, I beat Mike. I beat John. Who else? I'll beat 'em all, beat 'em all! I'll beat Keyes. Who else they got?"

Lots of young people have signed Obama's dance card.

I wanted to check out some of the top newspapers in the United States are reporting about Obama. Here is a little of what they are saying:

Saying Race Is No Barrier, Obama Still Courts Blacks
New York Times
Mr. Obama was drawing enthusiastic support from whites

Obama's message could make race a non-factor in Iowa caucuses
Dallas Morning News The answer will say something about both Mr. Obama and the political landscape.

4. Do Obama Cheers Equal Votes?
The Washington Post
America will soon have an answer to the question: Is Obama another Howard Dean, or can he win the nomination? More HERE

5 Obama's campaign is gaining ground
San Diego Union Tribune
Obama's campaign is gaining ground.

I wonder if this means a change is about to come?
or is it like WaPo noted, History favors the establishment's machine over the insurgent's passion: Al Gore over Bill Bradley, John Kerry over Dean, George W. Bush over John McCain. In 2008, that would mean Clinton over Obama?

My gut has to go with black political blogger
Barack Obama winning the Iowa Caucuses. I hope Obama kicks butt in every state, and you know who comes in 3rd in Newhampshire and Super Tuesday.

Shout Out From NPR's Farai Chideya

Thanks to Our Bloggers ... and You!

Farai Chideya Hey folks:

One of the most fabulous aspects of 2007 has been presiding over the News & Notes bloggers' roundtable. We have, as our commentator Michael David Cobb Bowen shouted out, helped put black bloggers on the map.

It's been a real joy to see the black blogosphere flourish. When I started the blog PopandPolitics back in 1995, "blogging" wasn't a common term and that blog was so unusual that it got a small profile in The New Yorker.

Now everyone and their grandmother has a blog, but what still needs to happen -- and here's where N&N comes in -- is building more of an alliance between bloggers. Some people compare bloggers to cats. It's hard to herd 'em. And that's not a bad thing, exactly, but what sometimes happens is that people haphazardly refer to other conversations as opposed to building a critical mass around key issues. Read More of Farai's Thoughts About the Black Blogosphere

Barack Obama is "floating like a butter fly and stinging like a bee

Like Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama is "floating like a butter fly and stinging like a bee," against his rival Democratic campaigns. Obama: 'People are willing to look beyond race' He just may be right. It seems that being an educated black man in Iowa is alright with the people of Iowa. Lets see if it plays out in the caucuses. Let see if it plays out in New Hampshire, let's see if it plays out on super Tuesday.

WaPo reports,
With two days before Iowans go to the polls, significant support for Sen. Barack Obama from political independents has put rival Democratic campaigns on edge, challenging the traditional model of the state's caucuses as a low-turnout exercise dominated by partisan insiders.

This Story

The senator from Illinois received a jolt of momentum late New Year's Eve, when the Des Moines Register's final Iowa poll showed him leading Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) by 32 percent to 25 percent, with former senator John Edwards (N.C.) at 24 percent. But just as striking were two findings that suggest Obama may be succeeding at one of the riskiest gambits of his Iowa campaign, an aggressive push to persuade non-Democrats to participate.

The survey found that more newcomers than regular participants could turn out on Thursday: Overall, 40 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers identified themselves as independents, the poll said, double the percentage from 2004, and 60 percent said they would be attending a caucus for the first time. Both groups preferred Obama.

As rival campaigns immediately challenged the makeup of the Register sample and a poll for CNN-Opinion Research came out showing the race a virtual tie between Clinton and Obama, the candidates spent the first day of the election year courting the shrinking number of uncommitted voters. More Here

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Huckabee and the Black Vote

AAPP: I recently posted about how Black men are getting convicted of capital crimes in Massachusetts they didn't commit I also posted on Hillary Clinton's New 21st Century Southern Strategy regarding black and white voters. In the post I noted that Black conservatives are endorsing Huckabee. Yes, I called them Uncle Tom type African American conservatives praising the former Arkansas governor’s track record on traditional values Read More HERE.

With the above mentioned post in mind, It made me wonder, can Hillary or Huckabee be trusted by black folks? I mean A black blogger, Rikyrah, who I respect, says she understands the appeal. I have to take a second look. Rikyrah says, "He is a personable man, with an air of being comfortable in his own skin and making others at ease at the same time. While it's clear that Huckabee is a Christian, and that his faith is the cornerstone to his approach to governmental policy."

Rewind, "While it's clear that Huckabee is a Christian, and that his faith is the cornerstone to his approach to governmental policy."

OK, so let's take a look at Gov. Huckabee in the context of Life and Death issues like the Death Penalty and War.

From My Brown Eyed View

As governor, Huckabee was an enthusiastic death penalty supporter. He now supports World War III against Muslim "fascists" and he's taking his message of death on the road.

A panel of talking heads on Chris Matthews' "Hard Ball" conferred legitimacy on the Huckabee candidacy last week. A more professional group of journalists at the Pew Forum treated Huckabee with deference by avoiding any hard hitting questions. There was nothing about Huckabee's February declaration of World War III or his beliefs in a final judgment in our times and no mention of his tainted past in Arkansas. Only Kathy Kay of the BBC raised questions about the specter of the candidate's extreme views.

Let's see what the former Arkansas governor and minister has in store for the United States if he's selected to win the Presidency.

After becoming governor in 1997, Huckabee signed death warrants for 16 executions by lethal injection. This violates the clearly worded, but frequently forgotten commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." He must know that World War III means even more killing and death. But neither position seems to bother him. In fact, he recently used death imagery in estimating the reaction of fellow Republicans to his fund raising gains: "If I were some of these guys, I'd have to be sitting in a warm tub of water with razor blades,"

Selective Forgiveness as Governor

Charles Singleton was convicted of murder in Arkansas and executed by lethal injection during Huckabee's term as governor. Singleton was a diagnosed schizophrenic. Huckabee was unimpressed and issued the required death warrant.

Supreme Court decisions mandate prisoner mental competence prior to execution. Singleton was given (his lawyer says forced) antipsychotic medication to relieve his schizophrenia. As a result, the prisoner regained a grasp on reality. Singleton's successful treatment for a serious mental illness then became the vehicle that allowed the state to kill him.

Of the 16 Huckabee era executions, there is a pattern of dismissing or refusing to examine legitimate questions or claims concerning mental illness.

Huckabee did find forgiveness in his heart for at least one Arkansas criminal. Wayne Dumond was convicted for raping a 17 year old girl in 1985. This fourth sexual assault conviction earned Dumond a sentence of life plus 20 years.

At the start of his first term, Huckabee took a special interest in the Dumond case and had plans to commute his sentence. When an irate public stopped that, the new governor effectively lobbied the pardon's board. Just four months after they'd denied a Dumond parole request, the board ruled favorably. These events and a broader narrative of the case were well documented by investigative journalist Murray Waas.

Dumond was released on parole in 1999. Just months after the parole, he bound, gagged, and suffocated a Missouri woman. He was convicted of that murder and a suspect in another by the time he was confined to a Missouri state prison where he died in his cell.

Huckabee continues to deny his role in the pardon despite the evidence amassed by Waas and others. On Aug. 31, 2007, Associated Press (AP) reported that the Wikipedia entry on Huckabee was edited to delete critical references to the Dumond pardon. AP traced the source of the edits to Arkansas state government computers.

First Arkansas, then the World – Better World War III than "Lose" in Iraq

Huckabee "shocked and awed" voters in his first campaign visit to New Hampshire. He announced that we're already in the midst of World War III with "Islamic fascism."

"We need to understand that this is, in fact, World War III. Unlike any other world war we've ever fought, this one is one we cannot afford to lose. Because losing it does not mean we lose some land or some geopolitical influence. It means we give up our own lives, because no less than that is the goal of the jihadists." AP, Feb. 10, 2007 Video

Just a few weeks ago he argued that his version of World War III is even more ominous than World War II: "I don't think we've ever faced a threat like we are facing now. I don't even think Germany is the threat that we're facing right now. We're facing, I believe, our possible annihilation as a country..." CNN Oct. 19, 2007

What is Huckabee talking about? Have we missed something?


Hugo Chavez, and the African American - Black Communities.

Here is a great post from African American Environmentalist Association that is right on point.

Check out their most recent post on Hugo Chavez, Energy & the American Black Community.

By African American Environmentalist Association

Hugo Chavez hates President Bush and is working very hard to become a dictator in Venezuela. Venezuelans recently rebuffed his referendum to gain even more power. It will not stop him. Young people have already started protesting against the abuses of his governance. White and Black American liberals have embraced Chavez as a sort of hero even in the face of his abuses at home. Former congressman Joe Kennedy gets cheap fuel oil from Chavez through Citgo and Danny Glover, Cornell West, Harry Belafonte and British model Naomi Campbell have met privately with him. Well Kennedy got a $100 million fuel oil deal and apparently the others got nothing but lip service. Par for the energy course. America gets about 13% of its oil from Venezuela.

So we have a suggestion for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Sell Citgo to an African American entrepreneur Read More HERE

Hillary Clinton's New 21st Century Southern Strategy - Not Working

Now the former President it trying to scare people into voting for his wife. Check this out, as reported by the Washington Post. "Former president Bill Clinton, cautioning an audience here Sunday night that the next president will almost certainly face a major, unforeseen event within the first 18 months of taking office, said his wife alone has been tested and is ready to handle any crisis that confronts the United States."

The Clinton new 21st Century Southern Strategy

Note: "the southern strategy," started under Richard M. Nixon in 1968, and described Republican efforts to use race as a wedge issue
. Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to be using a new Southern Strategy to court black voters away from Obama.

The Clintons' have a new 21st Century Southern Strategy that cast Hillary Clinton as the safe choice while painting her opponents, particularly Barack Obama as a risky bet. As reported by WaPo, that line of attack jumped into the public eye during an interview the former president did with PBS's Charlie Rose in which he said making Barack Obama the nominee would constitute a "roll of the dice" since the Illinois senator had spent such a short time in elected office.

Black Conservatives endorsing Huckabee

Now we have Uncle Tom type African American conservatives praising the former Arkansas governor’s track record on traditional values
Read More HERE.

With that said, the Des Moines Register released its final poll of Iowa Democrats ahead of Thursday's caucuses.

I Guess very few in Iowa are feeling the Clintons' new 21st Century Southern Strategy or for that matter the black conservatives, in fact, it appears people are listening to Obama as he holds a 7-Point Lead in Iowa Here are the numbers:

Barack Obama 32%
Hillary Clinton 25%
John Edwards 24%
latest Des Moines Register poll

Of course Hillary Clinton is disputing the Poll Results. She is continuing to use her new 21st Century Southern Strategy by using the Bill Clinton "gamble" language in the final 72 hours of the Iowa race, telling USA Today's Susan Page that she was "not asking voters to take me on a leap of faith", implicitly contrasting her alleged steadiness with the risk associated with picking Obama. Sounds like old school southern strategy politics of Richard Nixon to me.

I'm so glad
Black Bloggers are beginning to see through Hillary's southern strategy.
I know I see right through it.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Help Find Chioma Gray

As reported by Electronic Village, Chioma Gray is a 15-year old girl abducted from her hometown of Oxnard, CA.

She is not blue-eyed and blonde ... so the mainstream media hasn't told you about her story yet. Electronic Village, Black and Missing But Not Forgotten, Wichita NAACP, and now African American Political Pundit, African American Opinion, African American Opinion and Social Newtworking, African American Political Opinion, Black Accountability Project, and Tasered While Black want to get her story out. We join Villager, at Electronic Village, as he ask all Villagers to be vigilant in looking after their own children ... and keeping an eye out for Chioma as well.

Electronic Village, Black and Missing But Not Forgotten, Wichita NAACP

Black Political Power in Indianapolis - Black Leadership Crisis in Indianapolis (Indy)

The Indianapolis Star Newspaper calls it Tempered leadership. They say this black man helped pave the way for other black leaders. They say he played a key role in helping the city rebuild a neglected Downtown. Yet, the Black Accountability Project - Indianapolis (Indy) is reporting there is a Black Leadership Crisis.The Black Accountability Project -Indianapolis (Indy) is concerned about the Future of Indy's black community. Rozelle Boyd steps down from City-County Council, blacks in Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Star are looking back at changes in Indy and the leadership he provided. OK, I must admit I don't know a lot about Indianapolis politics, but this brother seemed to be a mover and a shaker.

Read the article about Rozelle Boyd here. Also read about the Black Leadership Crisis in Indianapolis HERE

Tempered leadership.

Source: The Indianapolis Star

A framed newspaper article from 1965 reflects one of the more historically significant moments of his and the city's life. Its headline: "Boyd elected first Negro on county council."
Today, after 42 years of public service, Boyd is spending his last day in office, having lost his bid for another term in November. He was the longest-serving member of the council, its elder statesman. Despite the history-making nature of his political career, Boyd's time in power can be defined more by his work-within-the-system rather than a rock-the-establishment approach.
Eloquent, dignified and low-key, Boyd pushed for change on politically charged issues but took the reasoned and methodical rather than strident course. Critics say Boyd was sometimes too slow and too patient, but he was nonetheless widely respected. "He was always a gentleman," Mayor Bart Peterson said. "He elevated the council's dialogue, and civility was one of his core leadership values." Boyd's manner is credited with helping Indianapolis prevent the racial violence that consumed other cities during the civil rights era. More HERE

NPR: Best of 'News & Notes' 2007 and Black (African-American) Bloggers

The Best of 'News & Notes' 2007

Even with my controversial comments about black women and interracial marriages, NPR has placed Bloggers' Roundtable: The 'Browning' of America as one of "The Standout Interviews & Reporting from the Year Gone By."

Check out the others listed as the Best of 'News & Notes' 2007 in this Series.

Obama on the War, Race and America's Future

Literary Great Chinua Achebe on Prose and Politics

Civil Rights Division Turns 50

Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry 'Get Married'

Walking to Class, Into the History Books

Maj. Gen. Gaskin on the State of Iraq

Queen of Soul Continues Her Reign

Beating the Odds, Book by Book

Bloggers' Roundtable: The 'Browning' of America

Autism Poses Extra Obstacles for Blacks

Does Russell Simmons Serve Hip-Hop?

Sly and The Family Stone's 40 Years of Music

'Photo by Sammy Davis,' Scenes in Black and White

August 15, 2007 · Three leading bloggers discuss new data that suggests whites are becoming more of a minority in America, the increase in black women choosing interracial marriages, and Sen. John Edwards' racial handicap in his White House bid.

Check out NPR as they look at the Bloggers' Roundtable. Yes, it's a look back at 2007. As NPR notes, we can all say Black blogger power was definitely in effect in 2007. Our posts helped spread the word about the Jena 6 case and pushed for BET to change its programming. Here to look back on some of the year's top stories of the year. Helping with the analysis are bloggers Eisa Ulen, Nashieqa Washington of Your Black Friend and John McCann of Book of John. Listen Now [17 min 27 sec]

Also, News & Notes, Web producer Geoffrey Bennett counts down the show's best and most memorable reporting from 2007 and talks about the topics that are making the rounds on the show's blog. Highlighting the Best of 'News & Notes'

Listen Now [2 min 35 sec]

National Public Radio (NPR), Farai Chideya, Host of News & Notes, the team of producers and tech staff at NPR's New and Notes have been great at providing another vehicle for black bloggers to communicate with the general public about issues of importance to all Americans through The Bloggers' Roundtable. Thank you NPR!

African American Political Pundit

Black men getting convicted of crimes in Massachusetts they didn't commit

Ok, Now that I have celebrated the NewEngland Patriots. Yeah! Let's back to some serious business. Black folk.

Take a look at how many black folks get Wrongful Murder Convictions in Massachusetts. This includes Marlon Passley. who was recently highlighted in an article, Justice undenied by Adrian Walker, in the Boston Globe Newspaper (December 18, 2007).

AAPP: Why are so many black men and woman getting convicted for crimes they did not commit in Massachusetts? What is the (black) Governor of Massachusetts doing about it?

Adrian Walker writes: Marlon Passley didn't know his destination on the morning in April 1999 when he was awakened by guards at MCI-Cedar Junction.

His life sentence without parole for first-degree murder had been recently affirmed by the Supreme Judicial Court. Yet he was headed for a courtroom.

When he got to the SJC, he discovered that the Suffolk district attorney's office was about to argue for his freedom. In the course of an investigation into another crime, strong evidence had been uncovered that Passley was innocent. The state that had put him away was now asking the court to let him go.

Passley was released on his own recognizance that afternoon, and the charges were formally dropped a few months later.

Homicide prosecutors generally consider their work done once someone is behind bars. David Meier, the head of the Suffolk homicide unit, wasn't satisfied with that. Not even close.

"It was important to the integrity of the system, to the defendant, and to the victim's family," Meier said yesterday.

Meier will leave his job at the end of the year, closing the book on an exemplary 24-year career as a prosecutor in Middlesex and Suffolk counties. By no means are his greatest triumphs releasing the wrongfully convicted; he has sent dozens of murderers to prison.

But Passley's case - and at least five others that followed - exemplify his devotion to truth over expedience. Not everyone who works in law enforcement can claim that. More HERE

The New England Patriots Made History!

OK, Away from politics for a moment. I was raised in Boston, so this is for the Boston in me when I say, "Way To Go Patriots."

Just perfect

The Boston Globe

Just perfect

H/T Boston Globe: In a fitting finish to Boston's magical year in sports, the New England Patriots - Bill Belichick's History Boys - last night recovered from a 12-point, second-half deficit and defeated the New York Giants, 38-35, to complete the first 16-0 regular season in the history of the National Football League. More HERE

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