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Monday, December 31, 2007

NPR: Best of 'News & Notes' 2007 and Black (African-American) Bloggers

The Best of 'News & Notes' 2007

Even with my controversial comments about black women and interracial marriages, NPR has placed Bloggers' Roundtable: The 'Browning' of America as one of "The Standout Interviews & Reporting from the Year Gone By."

Check out the others listed as the Best of 'News & Notes' 2007 in this Series.

Obama on the War, Race and America's Future

Literary Great Chinua Achebe on Prose and Politics

Civil Rights Division Turns 50

Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry 'Get Married'

Walking to Class, Into the History Books

Maj. Gen. Gaskin on the State of Iraq

Queen of Soul Continues Her Reign

Beating the Odds, Book by Book

Bloggers' Roundtable: The 'Browning' of America

Autism Poses Extra Obstacles for Blacks

Does Russell Simmons Serve Hip-Hop?

Sly and The Family Stone's 40 Years of Music

'Photo by Sammy Davis,' Scenes in Black and White

August 15, 2007 · Three leading bloggers discuss new data that suggests whites are becoming more of a minority in America, the increase in black women choosing interracial marriages, and Sen. John Edwards' racial handicap in his White House bid.

Check out NPR as they look at the Bloggers' Roundtable. Yes, it's a look back at 2007. As NPR notes, we can all say Black blogger power was definitely in effect in 2007. Our posts helped spread the word about the Jena 6 case and pushed for BET to change its programming. Here to look back on some of the year's top stories of the year. Helping with the analysis are bloggers Eisa Ulen, Nashieqa Washington of Your Black Friend and John McCann of Book of John. Listen Now [17 min 27 sec]

Also, News & Notes, Web producer Geoffrey Bennett counts down the show's best and most memorable reporting from 2007 and talks about the topics that are making the rounds on the show's blog. Highlighting the Best of 'News & Notes'

Listen Now [2 min 35 sec]

National Public Radio (NPR), Farai Chideya, Host of News & Notes, the team of producers and tech staff at NPR's New and Notes have been great at providing another vehicle for black bloggers to communicate with the general public about issues of importance to all Americans through The Bloggers' Roundtable. Thank you NPR!

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