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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hugo Chavez, and the African American - Black Communities.

Here is a great post from African American Environmentalist Association that is right on point.

Check out their most recent post on Hugo Chavez, Energy & the American Black Community.

By African American Environmentalist Association

Hugo Chavez hates President Bush and is working very hard to become a dictator in Venezuela. Venezuelans recently rebuffed his referendum to gain even more power. It will not stop him. Young people have already started protesting against the abuses of his governance. White and Black American liberals have embraced Chavez as a sort of hero even in the face of his abuses at home. Former congressman Joe Kennedy gets cheap fuel oil from Chavez through Citgo and Danny Glover, Cornell West, Harry Belafonte and British model Naomi Campbell have met privately with him. Well Kennedy got a $100 million fuel oil deal and apparently the others got nothing but lip service. Par for the energy course. America gets about 13% of its oil from Venezuela.

So we have a suggestion for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Sell Citgo to an African American entrepreneur Read More HERE

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