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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shoot The Rapper

Contradiction of the week

Word on the street is rapper and multi million dollar water investor 50 Cent sued an Internet advertising company for $1 million Friday, claiming it illegally used his image in a game where the player pretends to shoot him. 50 Cent sues over 'Shoot the Rapper'

Is this the same guy that supports violence in music, in life, and degrades black women? I hope there are some black women on a jury trial. I wish 50 cents would pretend to have character and class and stop his own violent music, maybe then internet advertisng companies would not create images pretending to shoot him. Have you ever wondered why no one creates pretend games like that against Will Smith or Denzel Washington? Because they both have character and class. It's all about the life you live...


Dennis Homer, assistant federal security director for the San Francisco International Airport, dumps dozens of confiscated lighters on a table at an airport security check point, in this file photo from April 14, 2005. Screeners at U.S. airports will stop confiscating common cigarette lighters because authorities now consider them a distraction from efforts to find bombs and other threats, officials said on Friday. REUTERS/Kimberly White

Those Stupid A**holes TSA have now lifted the ban on women bringing dangerous and toxic womens breast milk on the planes. The TSA says airline passengers will be allowed to bring most cigarette lighters on board again starting next month, freeing airport screeners to spend more time searching for explosives.

The Department of Homeland in-security have some really stupid morons working for them, when they decided to ban women from bring breast milk on the plane. Hey can I get my nail clippers and lighter back?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bush Still don't like black people

Toxic, carcinogenic formaldehyde killing our black babies.

National Centers for Disease Control to test trailers and conduct long-term health monitoring of residents.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., speaks during the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 19, 2007, to discuss the health problems of people living in FEMA trailers after Hurricane Katrina. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Rep. Cummings of Maryland blast FEMA

FEMA was slow to test toxicity of trailers

Lawyers for the Federal Emergency Management Agency discouraged officials from pursuing reports of dangerous levels of formaldehyde in trailers housing thousands of hurricane victims, according to documents subpoenaed by House members and released Thursday.

While many African American bloggers have been following the Federal effort to kill black people in New Orleans. Yesterday we learned that our hunch was right. The Secretary of HomeLand In-Security may have a gut feeling about terrorist, but now the American people should have a gut feeling about George Bush.

Yes, George Bush not only does not like black people, George Bush's FEMA is willingfully killing black people. And where is the Congressional Fox Caucus? Why is it that Henry Waxman, (god bless him) is making more noise, and bringing this issue up more than the Congressional Black Caucus or for that matter Obama?

As Reported in the Washington Post, "The Federal Emergency Management Agency since early 2006 has suppressed warnings from its own field workers about health problems experienced by hurricane victims living in government-provided trailers with levels of a toxic chemical 75 times the recommended maximum for U.S. workers, congressional lawmakers said yesterday.

A trail of e-mails obtained by investigators shows that the agency's lawyers rejected a proposal for systematic testing of the levels of potentially cancer-causing formaldehyde gas in the trailers, out of concern that the agency would be legally liable for any hazards or health problems. As many as 120,000 families displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita lived in the suspect trailers, and hundreds have complained of ill effects." More HERE


As Josh Dorner of the Sierra Club noted, Yesterday just wasn't your lucky day if you happened to be David Paulison, the Administrator of FEMA. He was called -- under oath -- before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for an ol' fashioned tongue-lashing, Henry Waxman-style. Paulison was made to answer for the toxic tin cans in which FEMA has housed thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina and other disasters. Despite the brow-beating he took today, Paulison is still of course much luckier than the 120,000 residents of the Gulf Coast who actually still live in the toxic trailers -- suffering from severe respiratory and other health problems every day, even risking cancer due to long-term exposure to toxic, carcinogenic formaldehyde. More HERE

Thursday, July 19, 2007

UNICEF Responds to Black Face Ads

Blogger African American Political Pundit sent the following letter to UNICEF today. Here is the interesting part of this situation UNICEF attempted to retrieve the message from my email system, but my firewall blocked it. Check out what they had to say in response to my email. (Hat Tip Black Women in Europe for exposing this issue, and blogger Agent X for the contact information)


I am concerned about the "racial overtones" of the recent campaign of placing white children in black face. As a long time UNICEF supporter, I'm concerned that UNICEF and it's German National Committee for UNICEF are involved in racial hatred with this Ad campaign.

Please find it in the kindness of your heart to withdraw the Ads and denounce the racial hatred the ads imply.

I sincerely hope that UNICEF takes such issues as racial isolation and bigotry seriously.

Please advance humanity by taking the ads down.

UNICEF Responds

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We agree -- these advertisements are not appropriate and run against UNICEF's mission. They have been dropped from the UNICEF German National Committee's website and there are no plans to use them in the future. We apologize for any offence caused.

As a UNICEF supporter, you may be interested to know a little more about the German National Committee's campaign to promote child-friendly schools in six African countries. Launched in late 2004, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the fact that nearly half of all children in Africa lack even primary education.

With funds from private donors, 350 schools have been repaired or newly constructed. In addition, several thousand teachers have been trained and school management improved. In total, around 100,000 children and young people have benefited from this campaign since 2004. The right to education for all children is a prerequisite to develop their full potential and a basis for social and economic development.

Again, we apologize for any offence caused.


Cinthya Oliveira

Program Services

U.S. Fund for UNICEF


Monday, July 16, 2007

Condemned Ga. "'man" Wins 90-Day Stay

All right folks, we need to check out the Washington Post Headline:

Condemned Ga.

Killer Wins 90-Day Stay

you check it out?

ATLANTA -- A man convicted of killing a police officer won a reprieve a day before his scheduled execution, after his lawyers argued that several witnesses had recanted or changed their testimony.

The state Board of Pardons and Paroles on Monday granted a stay of execution of up to 90 days to Troy Davis, 38, who was convicted of killing a Savannah police officer in 1989.


America, is it going to hell in a handbasket ?

Could anyone have said how I'm feeling better than myself. Yes, Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report has placed in to words how a majority of Americans are feeling. And we are not feeling good. Candidly, I'd like a majority of the Congress to get a ticket right to hell. but hopefully the American people will see through their madness and vote against every last one of them. Check out A Black Agenda Report radio commentary

by executive editor Glen Ford

BomberSomething close to a majority of the people of the United States want Dick Cheney and George Bush to be impeached. Many more would join the bandwagon if the process was begun. But only 14 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed on to impeach Cheney, and the arch-criminal George Bush seems untouchable. Democratic lawmakers refuse to enforce the law. The inability of the U.S. political system to reign in rampaging criminality, is evident. Corporations govern the United States, and their laws are different. From Baghdad to New Orleans, U.S. corporations have been on a stealing- and killing-spree since January, 2001 - and they dare anyone to stop them.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Killing an Innocent Black Man? Troy Athony Davis

OK, you Obama and Hillary supporters, why are they (Hillary and Obama so quiet about this case, why are they not writing letters and calling the Governor of Georgia)? oh, it's only a black man.

Hat Tip: Time.com

The pending execution of Troy Anthony Davis, scheduled to take place on July 17, is raising serious questions about his guilt — and about the Newt Gingrich-era federal law that has limited his appeals options and prevented him, say his supporters, from getting a fair shake.

Davis, 38, a former coach in the Savannah Police Athletic League who had signed up for the Marines, was convicted in the 1989 murder of Mark Allen MacPhail, a Savannah, Ga., police officer. MacPhail was off-duty when he was shot dead in a Savannah parking lot while responding to an assault. Davis was at the scene of the crime, and an acquaintance who was there with him accused Davis of being the shooter. Since his conviction in 1991, Davis has seen each of his state and federal appeals fail. But in the court of public opinion, Davis presents a compelling argument. Seven of the nine main witnesses whose testimony led to his conviction have since recanted. The murder weapon has never been found, and there is no physical evidence linking the crime to Davis, who has asserted his innocence throughout. Read More HERE

Gallery of the Exonerated

Ten stories of men who languished in prison for crimes they didn't commit, until the Innocence Project and DNA technology helped win their freedom


Innocence Project Marks 15th Year

Now in its 15th year, the nonprofit has freed more than 200 wrongly convicted people using DNA evidence

The Jena Six

The Case of the Jena Six: Black High School Students Charged with Attempted Murder for Schoolyard Fight After Nooses Are Hung from Tree

Listen to Segment || Download Show mp3
Watch 128k stream Watch 256k stream

Source: Democracy Now

Six black students at Jena High School in Central Louisiana were arrested last December after a school fight in which a white student was beaten and suffered a concussion and multiple bruises. The six black students were charged with attempted murder and conspiracy. They face up to 100 years in prison without parole. The fight took place amid mounting racial tension after a black student sat under a tree in the schoolyard where only white students sat. The next day three nooses were hanging from the tree. [includes rush transcript]

Jena is a small town nestled deep in the heart of Central Louisiana. Until recently, you may well have never heard of it. But this rural town of less than 4,000 people has become a focal point in the debate around issues of race and justice in this country.

Last December, six black students at Jena High School were arrested after a school fight in which a white student was beaten and suffered a concussion and multiple bruises. The six black students were charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy. They face up to 100 years in prison without parole. The Jena Six, as they have come to be known, range in age from 15 to 17 years old.

Just over a week ago, an all-white jury took less than two days to convict 17 year-old Mychal Bell, the first of the Jena Six to go on trial. He was convicted of aggravated battery and conspiracy charges and now faces up to 22 years in prison.

Black residents say that race has always been an issue in Jena, which is 85 percent white, and that the charges against the Jena Six are no exception.

The origins of the story can be traced back to early September when a black high school student requested permission to sit under a tree in the schoolyard where usually only white students sat. The next day three nooses were found hanging from the tree.

Democracy Now! correspondent Jacquie Soohen has more on the story from Jena. More HERE

White House Chicken Hawks - GOP Low Lifes

While White House chicken hawks hold firm on a bogus strategy regarding Bush's Iraq War, other chickens are coming home to roost in fear of voter backlash. They are ditching Bush and his screwed up policy in Iraq. Now GOP Senators are even drafting a bill requiring Bush to narrow mission of U.S. Troops Let's hope the voters can see through these morons, who have caused, thousands of American soldiers to die, countless thousands to be injured, hundreds of thousand of Iraqi deaths, and millions of Iraqi's to flee Iraq.

Listen to four other lawmakers discuss their views on the Iraq war: Source: The Washington Post.

Excerpt of Rep. Boren's Interview

Excerpt of Rep. Schakowsky's Interview

Excerpt of Sen. Isakson's Interview

Excerpt of Sen. Snowe's Interview

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