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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Election 08; Was John McCain born in America? Can John McCain Legally Become U.S. President?

Even as the far right reject John McCain after the Obama apology, and as the right wing plays Muslim card against Obama, John McCain may have other concerns - His own legal ability to be sworn in as president.

Here is a interesting story about John McCain and whether he can legally become president of the United States.

AAPP: If this was Barack Obama's situation, would this issue be on the front page of every newspaper and on every political talk show in America?

oops... Here are a few, including of all papers the NY times. The NY times just posted the article as I was writing this post. I guess it will get
more discussion now. But the question will remain, Is McCain going to get a free ride because he is a white male? Take a look at the pictures of other white males who got a free ride.

McCain's success revives debate on being natural-born
Houston Chronicle, United States -
John McCain of Arizona, the issue is becoming more than a matter of parental daydreaming. McCain's likely nomination as the Republican candidate for ...
McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries New York Times
Don’t know much about Geography Blogger News Network

McCain's birthplace prompts queries about whether that rules him out

From left, LOWELL P. WEICKER JR., of Connecticut, born in Paris, was told he was eligible for the Oval Office. GEORGE ROMNEY, born in Mexico, ran for the presidency in 1968. BARRY GOLDWATER was born in the Arizona territory in 1909, before it became a state. CHESTER A. ARTHUR was born in Vermont, but rumors suggested it was Canada.

Source: NY Times

The question has nagged at the parents of Americans born outside the continental United States for generations: Dare their children aspire to grow up and become president? In the case of Senator John McCain of Arizona, the issue is becoming more than a matter of parental daydreaming.

McCain's likely nomination as the Republican candidate for president and the happenstance of his birth in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936 are reviving a musty debate that has surfaced periodically since the founders first set quill to parchment and declared that only a "natural-born citizen" can hold the nation's highest office.

Almost since those words were written in 1787 with scant explanation, their precise meaning has been the stuff of confusion, law school review articles, whisper campaigns and civics class debates over whether only those delivered on American soil can be truly natural born. To date, no American to take the presidential oath has had an official birthplace outside the 50 states.

"There are powerful arguments that Senator McCain or anyone else in this position is constitutionally qualified, but there is certainly no precedent," said Sarah Duggin, an associate professor of law at Catholic University who has studied the issue extensively. "It is not a slam-dunk situation."

McCain was born on a military installation in the Canal Zone, where his mother and father, a navy officer, were stationed. His campaign advisers say they are comfortable that McCain meets the requirement and note that the question was researched for his first presidential bid in 1999 and reviewed again this time around. Read More HERE

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Diebold and the 2008 Election

OK, after all that is going on thus far in election 2008, I must admit I'm becoming just a bit skeptical. So I thought, hey, if I'm skeptical, why not make your day and have you become a little skeptical too. I think you can get a few laughs at the Satire (video) about the upcoming presidential elections. The Onion: Diebold accidently leaks results of 2008 elections (video)

Embarrassed Diebold officials apologized after one of their electronic voting machines prematurely revealed the winner of our upcoming sham election. Remember its satire.

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Election 08, Farrakhan, Color Arousal, Black Voters, Blacks, Hillary, McCain, Race Matters and Tim Russert

It's interesting how McCain surrogate and bigot, Cunningham can rant against Obama without Tim Russert or Hillary saying anything to Mccain to denounce him or reject him, while at the same time, Russert plays the 'Farrakhan Card" against Obama.

Oh no, Hillary did not jump in there, asking Barack to denounce and reject Farrakhan for things even Farrakhan has agreed looking backwards were wrong. Hillary should denounce her husband for his color aroused campaigning. She (Hillary) should also denounce and reject Andrew Young, Bob Johnson and other black and white bigots involved in her own campaign.

Why is it that blacks are always asked to distance themselves from other black folks? Do we asks whites to distance themselves from other whites? Would they even if we did ask? Can't we all just get along? I'm glad International Civil and Human Rights Blogger and Activist, Francis L. Holland has created a blog telling the "The Truth About John McCain!"

Election 08: Black Voters in Atlanta Holding John Lewis Accountable

AAPP: Even Civil Rights Icon's have to be held accountable.Eddie Griffin and others within the afrospear have been following John Lewis and other super delegate supporters of Hillary Clinton. Word on the street, "black folks are angry at black congressional leaders, and are ready to vote some of them out of office."

Eddie Griffin, Member BASG

As an example, many people in Atlanta have been watching John Lewis too. Jim Galloway, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that for the first time in nearly a decade, U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta will have opposition to his re-election to Congress. Markel Hutchins, an Atlanta minister who took up the cause of a 92-year-old woman killed in a botched police raid, announced this week that he will challenge the 11-term congressman and civil rights icon in the Democratic primary.

AAPP: It's about time black folks starting holding black elected officials accountable. Al Wynn - Congressional Black Caucus Member was held Accountable on Super Tuesday. Other Super Delegates were placed on notice: If your voting constituency in your district overwhelmingly voted for Barrack Obama, you owe it to your voting constituency to vote for Barack Obama at the National Convention. We know who you endorsed. Have no doubt we are watching you!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Election 08, Live blogging MSNBC Cleveland, Ohio Debates

"Meet me in Ohio" Hillary will probably yell, scream and call Obama ever color aroused name in the Clinton book of political hatred.

This Face off promises to be on issues related NAFTA, health care, and HOPE, all of which Billary has screamed at Obama about over the past weekend. So get out the natural popcorn, beer, wine, snacks, and "rubber" brick. So you can throw the rubber brick at the flat screen when Hillary attacks Obama with her last ditch effort to win the presidency. It's Saturday Night Live on Tuesday. Let's sit back and relax as Hillary makes a fool out of herself. Join Us as we blog LIVE. Tonight, Starting at 7:30 PM EST.

Election 08, Black Blogger Meets With Barack Obama in Ohio

African American Political Pundit had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Social and Political Blogger MsLadyDeborah from the blog From My Brown Eyed View this week. MsLadyDeborah had the opportunity to meet with 5 other residents of Ohio in a Health Care Roundtable held at OSU with Senator Barack Obama to review and discuss his Health Care proposal. Listen in as MsLadyDeborah provides her take on Senator Obama from a black woman and consumers perspective.

This is a photo of the Health Care Roundtable that was held at OSU on Saturday February 23, 2008.

Source: From My Brown Eyed View

Hillary Should Call It Quits, End Your Campaign Now Hillary. It's to make a graceful exit

With Time on Obama’s Side, I guess the New York Times headlines are right when they wrote, Struggling Clinton is throwing 'kitchen sink' at Obama.

Yet, even with her throwing the Kichen Sink at Obama, Hillary can't win. America has spoken. We do not want the Clinton's back in the white house. it is time for change, and it is time for Billary to make a graceful exit.

The NY Times notes, "After struggling for months to dent Sen. Barack Obama's candidacy, the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton is unleashing what one Clinton aide called a "kitchen sink" fusillade against Obama, pursuing five lines of attack since Saturday in hopes of stopping his political momentum.

The effort reflects not only Clinton's recognition that the next round of primaries - in Ohio and Texas on March 4 - are must-win contests for her. It also highlights her advisers' belief that they can persuade undecided voters to embrace her candidacy at the last minute by drawing sharply worded, attention-grabbing contrasts with Obama.

After denouncing Obama over the weekend for an anti-Clinton flier about the NAFTA trade treaty, and then portraying his message of hope Sunday as naive, Clinton delivered a blistering speech Monday that compared Obama's lack of foreign policy experience to that of the candidate George W. Bush.

"We've seen the tragic result of having a president who had neither the experience nor the wisdom to manage our foreign policy and safeguard our national security," Clinton said at George Washington University. "We can't let that happen again."

With a crucial debate in Cleveland tonight, both Clinton's advisers and independent political analysts said that, by going negative against Obama when polls in Texas and Ohio show a tightening race, Clinton risked alienating voters." More HERE

AAPP: there is now a chorus line of writers that are asking Hillary to stop campaigning. take for example Richard Cohen of the Washington Post who writes in his recent article, Hillary's Diminishing Returns.

"There is dissension in the Hillary Clinton camp. Top aides have been in arguments, shouting back and forth about differences in strategy. Should Clinton come on strong? Should she go negative? Should she be upbeat and positive? Here's my answer: Stop campaigning. The evidence is overwhelming that since Super Tuesday, the minute that Clinton steps foot in a state, her numbers start to plummet. Of course, Barack Obama has something to do with it. He's a phenomenon, a political version of Roy Hobbs, "The Natural" of Bernard Malamud's wonderful novel, whose physical repose is TV perfect and who will, when the time comes, provide a jarring visual contrast to the much older John McCain. Obama is nearly as good as he thinks he is. So it could be that Clinton would lose the Democratic nomination even if she were a gifted politician. But she has no such gift. Her smile is strained. She is contained. She seems unknowable, and there is that melancholy Billie Holiday air about her -- all those songs about a suffering woman. Most of us would prefer Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)," the upbeat theme of Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign." More HERE

What do you think? Should she quit?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Wondering about Tavis Smiley, aka, Prince of the "State of the Black Union"

Tavis Smiley's "State of the Black Union" brought out thousands of black folks. the Morning Session (February 23, 2008) 3 hr. 23 min was just as exciting as the Afternoon Session (February 23, 2008) 3 hr. 53 min. His effort through the Covenant with Black America is noteworthy. I have always wondered what happens after the event. Do the many hundreds of folks the converge in cities across America ever do anything? Are movements truly created, or is it just The Tavis Smiley Show, with your host, Tavis Smiley? Is Tavis the next Jessie Jackson? the next NAACP President? It seems that the NAACP, National Urban League and other black groups always come out with, "a state of" paper, report, or research every year. But nothing seems to get done. No real change in the lives of the people who need our help the most - the poor. I have to wonder if Tavis Smiley is the next big ego for black folks to follow? I was just, wondering...

Obama as an Arab? Hillary as an Arab?

So what is your point Hillary?

Hillary Clinton in Muslim Head Wrap

AAPP: The Clintons seem to be having a great old time denigrating the Obama Photo in African Attire. One would think from Ms. Hillary "NAFTA" Clinton that the Arab community is in love with Obama. Well according to some Arabs, they are not feeling Obama. For example, Firas Ahmad who is an essayist based in Cambridge, MA. noted recently in a piece originally appeared in islamicamagazine.com.


He notes:

"As Obamamania continues to capture the imagination of the United States, parts of the American Muslim community are no less overcome by the Illinois Senator's charismatic and overpowering vision for change. It makes sense. He is a man of diverse ethnic background who seeks dialogue over war, who can credibly represent change given his independence from establishment politics and whose life story suggests an intimate understanding of the Muslim world. In many ways he represents more than Muslims could have hoped for given the radioactive nature of Islam in America over the past several years. Someone who seemingly has a sympathetic ear and background that could build bridges.

But for many reasons, Muslims are one constituency Obama does not want to court. With a wink and a nod, Obama's Muslim supporters continue to work for a candidate who cannot afford to wink back at them. Given his perceived "closeness" to Islam, and the fact that he shares a name with a former Iraqi dictator, it could be strategic suicide for the Obama campaign to vocally acknowledge organized Muslim support. At a time when endorsements are worn like badges of honor, no major candidate is looking for the Muslim vote.

No doubt if Obama wins the nomination, the Republicans will exploit this issue far more than Bill Clinton attempted to manipulate race in South Carolina. McCain will never have to say a word, the "hit job" will be manufactured and executed by his friends on Fox News, via the airwaves with Rush and Hannity (who would have overcome their issues with McCain by then) and through tabloids like the New York Post. Vocal Muslim support for Obama, if it happens, will likely be used as subtext for character attacks against his background and to fuel baseless rumors that he is actually a stealth Islamist who will subvert the establishment after taking power.

As Don Imus can attest, racism and bigotry against African Americans is now largely unacceptable in public discourse. However, the same cannot be said of vitriol against Muslims. Attacking Obama for his pseudo-association with Islam is a far safer and more acceptable strategy for right-wing zealots than attacking him for being black. So if Obama has a campaign strategist worth his or her weight, we will never hear any serious public support or defense of Muslims from him or his campaign. For Muslims to demand anything from him simply demonstrates a misunderstanding of reality. Muslim support for Obama is akin to George Bush's support for democracy in the Middle East. The mere association with the former will undercut the credibility of the latter. It is an analogy that Muslims should understand.

Obama's lack of public defense of Islam is not so much an indictment against him as it is a demonstration of the infantile state of Muslim political participation in America. While it is impossible to tell, it would be reasonable to assume that if Obama could say something nice about Muslims he would because he wants votes from any and all Americans. Muslims fit squarely into the demographic that he appeals to most - professional, educated and young. The only reason a candidate like Obama would not say something nice about Muslims is because he is making a clear political calculation. The votes he would gain from Muslims are far less than the votes he would lose from his association with Muslims. More HERE

Hillary Clinton, and Color Aroused Campaigning - Shameful Fear Mongering by the Team Clinton

More Color Aroused campaigning coming from the Clinton Campaign. this time as reported by The Washington Post, Barack Obama's campaign this morning sharply criticized Hillary Clinton's campaign for reportedly sending a picture to the Drudge Report of the Illinois senator that showed him in African dress, with Obama campaign manager David Plouffe accusing Clinton of engaging in "shameful, offensive fear-mongering."

The picture, taken of Obama while he was in Kenya in 2006 on a Senate trip to Africa, shows him in Somali garb, and Obama aides suggested the Clinton campaign circulated it to call attention to Obama's African ancestry and give credence to persistent and false allegations circulating online that he is a Muslim. Obama is a Christian who attends a United Church of Christ congregation in Chicago.

AAPP: Hillary or Billary as she is known is many quarters, is really getting ugly. Look what is going on with Billary Clinton now, after a generally civil conversation and debate with Obama last Thursday in Texas, saying she was honored to share the stage with Obama, now she has spent the whole weekend saying Obama delivers speeches filled with nothing but hope. Here is a bit of what Hillary said;

"I could just stand up here and say 'Let's just get everybody together, let's get unified.' The sky will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect."

AAPP: I Guess Hillary NAFTA Clinton, is not feeling the need for America to be hopeful? "She would rather have American's to be in a doom and gloom mood like her." Now she even says Barack is acting like Carl Rove?

Billary needs to win big in Ohio and Texas to salvage her campaign to be the Democratic nominee in the November. Billary should have known that she has no birth right to the presidency. Now like a bandit in the night, she is now using a new populist approach taken from John Edwards. (which by the way, did not work). She nor John Mccain deserve the Presidency of the united states. Hillary is no longer a viable candidate. End of story.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Black Political Slugfest

I want to invite you to listen and call in to my talk show.

Listen to African American Political Pundit on internet talk radio

Call-in Number: (718) 508-9867

Yes, you heard that right, I have my own talk show. Get all the juicy details about it by clicking on the following link: www.blogtalkradio.com/africanamericanpoliticalpundit

Tonight (Sunday) after the Oscars we will be talking about:

1. Tavis Smiley's beat down of Barack Obama. did it backfire? Did Hillary's visit to to Tavis Smiley event this weekend do her any harm? Or any good?

2. The recent calling out of Barack Obama by Hillary Clinton. Was it a last ditch effort of Hillary to save her campaign.

3. Should blacks stop "calling out" other blacks who would do the black community harm?

4. Will Ralph Nader's joining the presidential race make a difference?

5. Whats on your mind? What truly pisses you off today regarding politics?

Call-in Number: (718) 508-9867

Join me for my "Late Night Black Political Slugfest.
Every Sunday night at 11:00 p.m. ET.

It's a late night black political slugfest for grown folks, Bloggers and Internet political junkies.

Francis L. Holland on, "The Wheels Coming off the Clinton Train"

With African American Political Pundit:

Here are ten symptoms that the wheels are coming off of the Clinton train:

1) . Gov. Ted Strickland says,

``There are reasons that are perhaps not always noble that determine why labor leaders do what they do," says Clinton supporter Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, after Obama won the backing of the 1.9 million member Service Employees International Union and the 1.4 million member International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The Clintons have often discounted any group that disagrees with them, but to discount and
criticize the labor unions is a sign of utter desperation, like a dog chewing its leg off to escape from a leg trap. More HERE

Ralph Nader To Run For President

In an attack of Barack Obama 74 year old consumer advocate Nader starts another bid for President in what may be another splitting of the Democratic Vote American vote.

As reported in The Washington Post, Nader also ran for president in 2000 when he got about 2.7 percent of the national vote as the Green Party candidate and played a role in deciding the final presidential outcome. He also ran as an independent in 2004 and got only a tiny fraction of the vote.

Many Democrats blame Nader's participation in the close race between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George Bush in 2000 for tipping the election in favor of Bush. They believe that but for Nader's name on the ballot in Florida, Gore would have been the clear winner and president today instead of Bush.

AAPP: Should Ralph Nader stay out of the race? Well, Obama is not concerned by Ralph Nader's run.

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