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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Murder of U.S. Sailor Killed at Camp Pendleton

African-American Leaders Seek Investigation into the Murder of U.S. Sailor Killed at Camp Pendleton Source: National Black Justice Coalition

09 Jul 2009

WASHINGTON, DC --The nation's most influential African-American civil rights organizations have joined together with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to call for an investigation into the death of U.S. Sailor August Provost, 29, found dead at Marine Corps Camp Pendleton.

The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), America’s only nationwide Black civil rights organization focused upon lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues is joined by the Black Leadership Forum (BLF), an alliance of over thirty national African-American civil rights and social service organizations in denouncing the incident.

Full news release is here.

Stupid bastard Pat Buchanan

I wish someone would tell that stupid bastard Pat Buchanan that this country was not built by white folks. Yes, get this, that ignorant idiot Pat Buchanan is at it again with his color aroused comments that: "This has been a country built, basically, by white folks."

I don't get how MSNBC, NBC and other news networks are allowing this guy the opportunity to get paid millions of dollars a year to say the bigoted, color aroused, hateful stuff.

The fact of the matter is that black folks built America and it's capitol. “Slaves were the largest labor pool when Congress in 1790 decided to create a new national capital along the Potomac surrounded by the two slave-owning states of Maryland and Virginia,” according to the June 1, 2005, Associated Press article “Capitol Slave Labor Studied” published in The Washington Times. Slaves were also involved in the Capitol building’s expansion over 50 years later.

Pat Buchanan and his bigoted buddies need to read "Who Built America?

It would be wise for the stupid bastard Pat Buchanan to read the following sections:

Part One: Colonization and Revolution, 1492-1815

1. A Meeting of Three Worlds: Europe, Africa, and American Colonization, 1492-1680
2. Servitude, Slavery, and the Growth of the Southern Colonies, 1620-1760
3. Family Labor and the Growth of the Northern Colonies, 1640-1760
4. Toward Revolution, 1750-1776
5. Revolution, Constitution, and the People, 1776-1815

Part Two: Free Labor and Slavery, 1790-1850

6. The Consolidation of Slavery in the South, 1790-1836
7. Northern Society and the Growth of Wage Labor, 1790-1837
8. Immigration, Urban Life, and Social Reform in the Free-Labor North, 1838-1860
9. The Spread of Slavery and the Crisis of Southern Society, 1836-1848

Part Three: War, Reconstruction, and Labor, 1848-1877

10. The Settlement of the West and the Conflict over Slave Labor, 1848-1860
11. The Civil War: America's Second Revolution, 1861-1865
12. Reconstructing the Nation, 1865-1877
13. New Frontiers: Westward Expansion and Industrial Growth, 1865-1877

He would learn as territories were settled by Europeans, the Territorial colonies needed workers to settle their newly acquired lands and to hold that land as part of their National acquisitions. More slaves were needed. Black slaves became highly prized commodities for plantations. Other slaves were strong and good as dock workers, great field hands, shipbuilders, helpers of tradesmen and servants. Eventually slaves made up half the population of the colonies. Bondage was legal and slaves were owned by their masters and were seen as nothing more than chattel.

He would also learn what the Portuguese started in 1562, grew in exponential proportions. Glass beads, whiskey, and guns were bartered for African slaves, in their own country.

He would also learn that there was great competition for cheap labor between countries and by 1672, slave trade was profitable. Charles II, of England, became the richest shipper to the Americas. In 1768 the English brought over 53,000 slaves a year. The French brought over 23,000. 100 million slaves were known to be taken and enslaved. The Black slaves that ran away and were taken in by First Nation’s people soon became part of the genealogy. The children of these slaves and First Nation’s people were called Semiroons. By 1865, America was in a quandary what to do with free slaves. But the East Coast colonizers offered bounties between tribes and this carried on to facilitate division and conquest and provided even more free labor. William Lauren wrote “ Black Indians,” if there is interest in learning more about this. More HERE

But, then again, this stupid bastard Pat Buchanan knows this. He get's paid millions by MSNBC to create color aroused hatred in America. It's time for black folks to let the advertisers of his MSNBC programs that enough is enough. What do you think?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama, The NAACP, Blacks and The Future

There is a lot of debate to whether the NAACP is relevant in a age of Barack Obama. I have debated this issue both privately and publicly for some time. Like a majority of black folks, I have been thumbs up and down regarding the NAACP. Now Barack Obama and NAACP president Benjamin Todd Jealous addressed the NAACP's 100th anniversary convention in New York City. Yes, the first Black President and the first Black U.S. Attorney General showed up but provided no bailout or bail out plans for black America.

Washington Informer

Nor did NAACP president Benjamin Todd Jealous hold Barack Obama or his own organization accountable. Does America need he NAACP anymore? Does Black America need the NAACP anymore. You know, Kal Wright over at The Root was on point when he wrote, "Ben Jealous is an odd fit for the position of race leader. He’s not a civil rights icon. He’s not a trailblazing elected official. Hell, he’s not even a netroots pioneer. But most of all, he’s not a very good preacher—his oratory is more strained than inspired, loaded with colloquialisms that sound dutiful rather than down-home. All of which partly explains why more people fidgeted in their seats than jumped out of them at Jealous’ grand unveiling before the NAACP’s centennial convention.

Big national advocacy groups do all kinds of stuff, but one task is crucial: put on a successful confab once a year. It raises money, the press comes, and it’s the one chance most members get to check out their leadership firsthand. So about a year into his tenure as NAACP’s youngest-ever president, Jealous’ Monday morning keynote address was a formal coming-out party to a membership that remains undecided about whether to embrace or decapitate him.

As a performance, the speech fell dead—a wonky jeremiad, during which at least one group of bored matrons swore he misquoted scripture. But the problem wasn’t just Jealous’ delivery. The message is as poor a fit as the man because nobody really wants to hear what Jealous has to say about race politics today.

Set aside all the buzz about the NAACP’s waning relevance—a clear preoccupation even inside this week’s conference. The group’s 100-year convening begs a more affirmative question: What is the role of a 21st-century association that aims to advance colored people? Jealous’ answer is a tedious buzz kill for both the civil rights nostalgists and their post-race eulogists. But it’s nonetheless spot-on. Namely, that the NAACP has got to do the thankless work of turning mere racial equality into racial justice." More HERE

Get this, during the NAACP speech Barack Obama, said, "Make no mistake: The pain of discrimination is still felt in America," the president said in honoring the organization's 100th convention. Obama urged African-Americans to be realistic about some of the difficulties they may face, but to remember that "your destiny is in your hands."

More links Here:

AAPP: My question, How come Obama didn't say that to the banks he bailed out, "Your destiny is in your hands ?" I guess Barack Obama likes to talk shallow simplistic rubbish and scold black americans and Africans.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Was Michael Jackson Murdered ?

All the news media outlets are all hyped up about the breaking story of Laytoya Jackson saying that Micheal Jackson was murdered. The LA Times is running a story, LaToya Jackson believes Michael Jackson was murdered. Do you?

While CNN is reporting that LaToya Jackson makes stark allegations. Now we learn that Joe Jackson will have an exclusive interview regarding the death of his son Michael Jackson. But hey, they are not saying anything new, remember I asked the question, was Michael Jackson killed like MLK and Malcolm X?

La Toya Jackson (Pic:Getty)

Some media outlets are reporting La Toya Jackson was accused of sour grapes yesterday after she attacked Jacko's comeback tour organizers. Get this, one report says that Michael's sister, who will lose out on millions because she is not in the Jacksons' forthcoming shows, slammed promoters behind the original 50-date stint at the O2 arena. La Toya did not name anyone but she said:" They worked him so hard. A lot of people are responsible for this, directly or indirectly."

A source close to AEG Live told the Mirror:" La Toya is not involved in the shows. It all smacks of sour grapes. " Michael was going along at Michael's pace. He was not overworked at all. This is total nonsense." All of this while Joe Jackson says Michael 'could never have completed' the O2 dates. More HERE

Rebbie Jackson, Janet Jackson, Randy Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson, Memorial

Let's hope the Jackson's stick together during this time in which the the possible murder of Michael Jackson is investigated.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

With U.S. Sen. Roland Burris Leaving - No Black U.S. Senator Again Soon

Commentary By Arthur Piccolo

H/T Arthur Piccolo and CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY

No Black Senator Again Soon

Back on February 25, 1870, the United States finally got its first Black U.S. Senator. On January 1, 2011, it will be February 24, 1870 once again an ALL White U.S. Senate.

Roland Burris may not be long remembered for his brief tenure in the U.S. Senate but the announcement Thursday that he will not seek a full term is historic for reminding us once again that Barack Obama may be President but how White power remains even in the 21st century, even in the national government. There are finally a noticeable amount of women in the Senate, be they still a small minority, but when it comes to Color don`t even bother looking.

Senator Burris may not be Caribbean but at least any Caribbean woman, man or child sitting in the Senate gallery in Washington might find one face down there on the Senate floor to give them some small sense of identification. That is about to go puff and God only knows how long it might be before another Black man or woman serves in the most exclusive club on Earth - the U.S. Senate. President Barack had the very Senate seat Roland Burris occupies today. Yet it could easily be 2050 before we see another Black U.S. Senator.

Exactly what kind of progress is it when a Black man becomes President but in the same breath we will have an ALL White U.S. Senate for years to come? If President Obama is the Black role model that will change the world for Black men and women because he has proven we can have a Black President, where is the evidence? Obviously not in the U.S. Senate that we will see during the second half of his first term and all of his second term if he is re-elected.

If the lack of Blacks in the U.S. Senate is not a complete measure of Black success it is certainly a symbolic marker. But now here is the real proof of the lack of progress Senator Burris` exit from the U.S. Senate provides and how it becomes a magnifying glass for the failure of Barack Obama and his Presidency to advance Black people whether they claim Africa or the Caribbean as their ancestral home.

You can bet the house and everything else you own that President Obama will not say one single word about the lack of Black U.S. Senators, and that with Roland Burris`s retirement there will be no Black U.S. Senators just as there were not before 1870.

You will not see or hear President Obama calling in the Democratic Party leadership to The White House (still The White House) and chastising them that here in the 21st century once again there will be an ALL White U.S. Senate once again. If President Obama said so to the Democratic leadership guaranteed, the Democratic Party would work hard to put at least one or two - God forbid more - Blacks in the U.S. Senate. But President Obama will never ever make that request, let alone demand it.

And here is the real point. If President Obama will not chastise America and its powers structure so well represented by the ALL White U.S. Senate to be, a why should we believe he will become a forceful advocate for more equality in America for African Americans or Caribbean Americans and challenging the status quo as not good enough.

Here is the answer - he has not so far and he will not tomorrow either. President Obama is very comfortable with the color of the world as it is.

That is the real legacy Senator Burris will leave behind. A Black President who will not do anything to change the power structure in Washington that is so responsible for keeping Black Americans in `their place.` Be it after one term or two, President Obama racially will leave America just as he found it and the evidence will be found right in the ALL White U.S. Senate.

(Publisher's note: Arthur Piccolo is the chairman of the Bowling Green Association of NY.)

Obama's war In Afghanistan will last decades

I thought Barack Obama said we were getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Well, tell that to the families of soldiers killed by bomb blasts for drug war in Afghanistan. This war is costing us big time.

With US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 657 I guess Afghanistan will be Obamas War and it will probably last decades.

Fearing Another Quagmire in Afghanistan

OK, Don't hate. You know I'm telling the truth. The fact of the matter is President Obama has already placed his stamp on Afghan War sending thousands of more US troops into the devils workshop. Now as Obama turns his focus to the War "on" the Afghanistan people we learn four more U.S. Marines were killed in southern Afghanistan, where thousands of American troops have deployed in recent weeks as part of an offensive in the country's dangerous drug-producing region, an official said Sunday. This, as Americans become more and more wary about war in Afghanistan.

As reported by Associated Press, four Marines died Saturday in Helmand province, where about 4,000 troops this month launched the largest Marine operation in Afghanistan since 2001. U.S. forces have met little resistance but face the danger of roadside bombs everywhere they travel. A fifth U.S. service member wounded in June died of wounds in the U.S. on Friday, said Lt. Cmdr. Christine Sidenstricker, who confirmed the deaths of the four Marines. The four killed Saturday were initially identified as Army soldiers.

As reported by Associated Press writers Amir Shah in Kabul and Noor Khan in Kandahar noted, Obama ordered 21,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan earlier this year to help quell an increasingly violent Taliban insurgency. Some 10,000 Marines and 4,000 soldiers from the Stryker Brigade — the 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division based in Fort Lewis, Washington — are deploying in the south, the Taliban's spiritual birthplace and stronghold.

The troops are expected to help provide security for the country's August presidential election and help train army and police units who U.S. officials hope can one day provide security for the country.

As reported by US News and World Report last year, there is another near-record opium harvest in Afghanistan last year, the United Nations says that cultivation of cannabis, or marijuana, is also on the rise. Afghanistan was already one of the world's leading marijuana producers, and farmers in 2007 are estimated to have expanded their cannabis crops by almost 30 percent over 2006.

In its latest report, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime warns that even more marijuana will likely be grown in 2008. Meanwhile, the opium news remains grim. While opium production in 2008 might decline slightly from 2007's records levels, the output continues to rise steeply in the southern provinces, which account for 69 percent of the country's total crop. Most of the heroin made from Afghanistan's opium poppies eventually makes it way to Europe, though it is also fueling a rise in heroin addiction—and drug money—in neighboring Pakistan. Heroin trafficking is a major source of money for the insurgent Taliban forces in Afghanistan.
Oh well, who cares... most of us know the Afghan war was a 'mistake'...

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney withheld key information from Congress

AAPP: I guess Leon Panetta was not exactly telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth when he rejected the Democratic speaker's accusation that the CIA withheld key information from Congress regarding the waterboarding a terrorism suspect.

Reuters news service is reporting that the CIA withheld information about a secret counter-terrorism program from Congress for eight years on orders from former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, the New York Times said on Saturday.

Citing two unidentified sources, the newspaper said Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta disclosed Cheney's involvement in closed briefings to congressional intelligence committees late last month.

Panetta, who was named to head the agency earlier this year by President Barack Obama, ended the program, which remains secret, when he first learned of its existence from subordinates on June 23, the Times said.

Intelligence and congressional officials told the newspaper the agency began the program after the September 11 attacks and said it never became operational and did not involve CIA interrogation programs or domestic intelligence activities.

The newspaper said its efforts to reach Cheney through relatives and associates were unsuccessful.

Asked about the Times report, CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano said it was not the agency's practice to discuss classified briefings.

"When a CIA unit brought this matter to Director Panetta's attention, it was with the recommendation that it be shared appropriately with Congress. That was also his view, and he took swift, decisive action to put it into effect," Gimigliano said, declining to comment further.

Cheney was a key advocate in the Bush administration of using controversial interrogation methods such as waterboarding on terrorism suspects and has emerged as a leading Republican critic of Obama's national security policies.

Panetta has vowed not to allow coercive interrogation practices, secret prisons or the transfer of terrorist suspects to countries that may use torture, a pledge seen as a break with the agency's policies under President George W. Bush.

Critics of the agency, however, want it to be more forthcoming about its secret programs.

Fears the CIA withheld key information from Congress were rekindled in May when House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, accused the agency of failing to reveal in 2002 that it was waterboarding a terrorism suspect. More HERE

CNN's Black In America 2

Sounds like CNN will make Black in America 2 better than the first one. Check out the report on this inner city school, in which the principal says, every graduating senior goes to college. So, what's their secret weapon? Tune in to CNN's Black In America 2 special and find out. I sure will.

Link: Capital Prep on CNN Black In America 2

Check out how on Chicago's Southside, life expectancy for Black men is 8 years less than the
national average. Can barber shops help? Hmm...

Link: CNN Black In America 2: Project Brotherhood

This should be pretty interesting...

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