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Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Vacation Time - Gov't Wants Black folks to Camp

I plan to go camping next week. Not just because the United States Government wants black folks to camp. The fact is, I was a regular camper back in the day. Yet, I haven't gone camping in years. I haven't been following my little brothers footsteps. He has been camping for years. he got me actively involved in camping many years ago. Speaking of camping, there is a great new black blogger and a website that I have been following as they talk about the black camping experience.

Both are great sites, both are looking at the black camping experience in differing yet positive directions. One of the best new blogs is Camping In Color.

It's new black blogger who have created a black camping blog and have begun to provide a basic Camping 101. This husband and wife blogging duo are a African American couple, with over thirty years of family camping experience.

The publishers of the
Camping In Color Blog

The Camping In Color

Camping Consultants

The Camping in color duo say; Back in the 70's we began camping as young adults. We became hooked! While we were reminded of our childhood experiences, this was different. It became our cabin in the woods, but without the mortgage. They also point out that their family would pack up after work on Friday and head to the lake. We would swim, fish, and ride bikes together, and my favorite the campfire. Check this out, new blogging couple went home each weekend feeling refreshed, and with great memories of the time we spent together.

The publishers of the blog, Camping in Color, would soon bring others, nieces, nephews, friends and other family. All of whom still camp today and take their own families. They say their blogs goal is about infusing the American family, particular the black American family with the appreciation of nature. They want to awaken our senses and motivate us to Camp in Color. They have done it successfully with this African American Political Pundit. I can't wait to read more of their upcoming post. Read More about the blog Camping in Color HERE

There is also another website called Out Door Afro.

Out Door Afro

Rue who is creator of this website says: It's simple: I want more African Americans out of the gym; off the couch and into the Great Outdoors to try activities incorrectly perceived to be “something other people do”, such as bicycling, skiing, camping, and hiking.

Rue says she is a 30-something African American woman who has enjoyed a lifetime of outdoor sports and fun all over California and want to share the secret of how affordable, healthful, and gratifying these lesser-explored activities are. I recognize some black people do head out into the sun, snow, and mountains, but most times I venture out, I see very few people who look like me. So come out and join me for fitness, lasting memories, and inspiration through nature! Read More HERE

OK, I'm ready to go Camping In Color. It's an Out Door Afro thang.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Inmates in the US - Tasered While Handcuffed or Restrained

Another reason for congressional hearings on Taser Torture In America - A Call For Congressional Hearings.

As reported by the LA Times, The U.S. Department of Justice is conducting an investigation into Orange County's troubled jail system, examining a decade's worth of allegations that deputies mistreated inmates and used excessive force to keep control.

Orange County jail

Officials from the department's Civil Rights Division are seeking to determine whether incidents of violence by jail personnel amount to a pattern of violating inmates' rights, the Sheriff's Department confirmed.

The Orange County district attorney criticized deputies earlier this year for a "code of silence" that he said hampered prosecutors' ability to investigate possible criminal activities.

Among recent cases: An inmate was stomped to death by fellow prisoners after a deputy allegedly told them falsely that the man was a child molester. A county grand jury later criticized the Sheriff's Department for trying to impede the investigation into the death and concluded that there was evidence of rampant abuse at the Theo Lacy Jail in Orange.

The department has also been criticized for using Taser stun guns on handcuffed or restrained inmates. More HERE

Yet another reason why black bloggers have called for 'Congressional Taser Torture Hearings. Visit the Electronic Village, afrospear blog, NewsOne, Electrocuted While Black, Tasered While Black and this blog for more insight into the tasing of black folks in America. As tasers turn out to be America's 21st Century whips of terror.

UPDATE Now we learn another man was killed yesterday by taser.


Yes, just another Case for holding Congressional Hearing on Tasers.

Get this, according to GWDToday, Ernest Ridelhuber collapsed and died at the scene after being tasered by a GCSO deputy yesterday.

According to family members, Ridlehuber had recently gotten out of the hospital having fluid drained from his body and he also lived with the medical conditions CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), and Diabetes.
d him missing. The GCSO (Greenwood County Sheriff's Office) and his family searched all night for hifound around 2pm today in a house located on Old Laurens Road in Greenwood.
According to Greenwood County Chief Deputy Coroner Marcia Kelley-Clark, the family entered into the home and Ridlehuber became violent. That is when GCSO deputies entered the home. Ridlehuber reportedly became violent with them also which led to him being tasered. Ridlehuber collapsed and was pronounced dead at the scene. Read More HERE

Don't forget to sign the petition against Taser Torture In America.

Visit Tasered While Black and this blog often.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

4 year old dies of Herpes other injuries

Fry those sick bastards!

As reported by the new blog HateCrimeWatch a 4 Year Old with Herpes, Dies. Dale D, at HateCrimeWatch has been following the story that he calls "plain insane and sickening" as a mother and her boyfriend rape and murdered a 4 year old girl.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Collection of Obama Joker Posters Grows

The bigoted and color aroused Barack Obama ‘Joker’ posters first appeared under overpasses in the L.A. area. Now the posters have made their way across America. They depict our United States President Barack Obama as the villainous Joker.

'Depicting the President as demonic and a socialist goes beyond political spoofery,' says Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable president Earl Ofari Hutchinson. 'It is mean-spirited and dangerous.'

I agree, and there are some racial stereotypes playing out in these poster: As on writer noted, the message is: Obama can't be trusted, not because he is a politician, but because he's black. More HERE. Right wing hate machines are loving it.

Joker Obama: George Washington University
Joker Obama: George Washington University
Joker Obama: George Washington University

Alvin Carter, 67-year-old black man - Tasered While Black

Alvin Carter never saw it coming.

According to Madison.com

Carter, a 67-year-old black man from Hartford, Conn., came to town two years ago to track down his runaway son. The teen had hooked up with some bad influences on the city's south side, and Carter caught up with him in the rough-and-tumble Allied Drive neighborhood. As he tried to restrain his inebriated son, he yelled for someone to call the cops, who promptly showed up, found the two struggling on the street and shot Carter in the back with a Taser.

"I felt this thud in my back and I thought I'd been shot because my whole body went limp," he recalls.

Carter says the cops, without identifying themselves as police officers, approached him from behind. One of them yelled, "Get off him. Get off him now." Carter says he had no idea who was yelling at him.

"Instead of them saying this is the Madison police, or coming around front where I could see them, they just Tasered me in the back," he says.

Read the police report here.

Carter is one of 65 people in Madison who were shot with a Taser in 2007, and one of more than 300 who have gotten the 50,000-volt jolt since the Madison Police Department began using the revolutionary stun guns in 2003. Every Madison officer on the street is trained to use them -- and many of them do. Since the devices took their place in the pantheon of tools cops place on their duty belts, someone in the Madison community has been "Tased," on average, about once a week. More HERE

For further information visit the blog Tasered While Black

Hillary Clinton and Anger Management

Why DID Hillary Clinton Snap? It seems the Secretary of State needs a bit of anger management.

Police Taser on a 76-year-old man driving an antique tractor

Well it looks like the Tasering of people in America has gone completely off the chain.

Check out what happened in
Glenrock Wyo. — Glenrock Police Chief Tom Sweet said two officers “probably didn’t do things the best way” when they used a Taser on a 76-year-old man driving an antique tractor in a parade. Sweet spoke at a packed town hall meeting Monday, nine days after Bud Grose was hit with a Taser during the town’s annual Deer Creek Days.

The officers are on paid leave while state Division of Criminal Investigation agents investigate.

Mayor Steve Cielinski and most of the Town Council apologized to residents and asked for patience. Cielinski promised the findings will be made public.

“If we have to stand up and take it on the chin, we will,” Cielinski said.

State investigator Tim Hill has said the two officers contend Grose disobeyed orders. Grose hasn’t commented publicly, however, and investigators have not disclosed many details of what happened.

Sweet originally said it didn’t appear any policies were violated.

Some at Monday’s meeting called for the two officers to be fired. Several people who witnessed the event told the crowd police repeatedly shocked Grose with a taser.

“Those two were the most out-of-control officers I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Scott McWilliams, a witness who said he was shoved by one of the officers. “These two guys got to go.”

Mike Pyatt, a former Glenrock police officer, called on town leaders to make changes at the department.

“We will hold you accountable,” he said. More HERE

Full Coverage: Wyoming police use Taser on antique tractor driver

Wyo. police chief says tasering 76-year-old man driving antique ...

Wyo. police chief says tasering 76-year-old man driving antique ...

Another reason to sign the petition for Congressional Hearing on Tasers.

"President Obama's daughters get healthy school lunches. Why don't I?"

The White House asked the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to take down the ads, which feature Jasmine Messiah, a vegetarian who attends a Miami-Dade County public school that, she says, offers no vegetarian or vegan lunch options. More HERE

AAPP asks: Why is The White House so concerned? Is the poster wrong? What do you think?

Jasmine Messiah, 8, says her Florida school doesn't offer vegan or vegetarian options for lunch.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Black Women Under Attack In America

Has anyone been watching the rise of the modern day assault on black women?
I know I have.
I'm glad to see that blogs like Womanist Musings, Race Wire, The Angry Indian at Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo, The Black Snob and jack and Jill politics, have been following the issue.

Please watch this video HERE first, then come back and watch the videos below:

I'm glad bloggers political bloggers such as; Jack and Jill Politics, Afro-Netizen, Angry Black Bitch, Angry Black Woman, Barack Obama, Black Agenda Report Blog, Black Is, Black Ain’t, Black Women For Obama, BlackCommentator.com, BlackProf, Blacksmythe, Booker Rising, Brown Iowa, Brown Man Thinking Hard, BrownFemiPower, Change In Progress, Color Online, Dallas Progress, Dallas South On-Line News, DarkStar Spouts Off Field Negro, Francis Holland, George E. Curry, Kalagenesis, Kenyan Pundit, Lola Adesioye, Mahndisa’s Thoughts, Mirror on America, Nat Turner in Bryant Gumbel’s Clothing, Nat Turner’s Revenge, Negrophile, Oliver Willis, On Being A Black Lawyer, Pams House Blend, plezWorld, Political Intersection Blog, Prometheus 6, Republic of T, Skeptical Brotha, Sojourner’s Place, Soul Conviction, The Boyce Blog, The Kitchen Table, The Roland Report/Essence, The Super Spade, Think On These Things This Week With Barack Obama, Trail Blazer - First Lady Michelle Obama, Uppity Negro Network, and What About Our Daughters are keeping a watchful eye.

Another big shout out to bloggers such as Rippa, Sojourner's Place, Field Negro, Dale at his new blog, HateCrimeWatch Antoinette at her new blog, Antoinette's "Point of View", Ms. Lady Deborah at her blog my brown eyed view and Francis Holland at the Police Brutality Blog who are also standing in the gap and holding it down.

What's In Kentucky Grilled Chicken?

A few months ago I wrote about Kentucky Fried Fools. I decided to follow with the story and find out what is going on. Well, well, now we learn that Carcinogens have been found in KFC's new grilled chicken. Are black folks going to get cancer if we eat KFC's new grilled chicken?

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine thinks all Americans eating the stuff may. They have been asking KFC to withdraw the product from sale. Read the PCRM study here.

Yes, Doctors are asking KFC to withdraw Kentucky Grilled Chicken after tests reveal PhIP.

Tests of KFC's new Kentucky Grilled Chicken have revealed substantial amounts of a carcinogenic chemical in all samples tested, according to a report released today by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which is asking KFC to withdraw the product from sale.

A PCRM scientist visited six different KFC stores, obtained two samples from each location, and sent them to an independent testing laboratory. All 12 samples were found to contain PhIP, a chemical classified as a carcinogen by the federal government. PhIP, part of a chemical family known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs), has been linked to several forms of cancer, including breast cancer, in dozens of scientific studies. No safe level of ingestion has been identified. Every sample also tested positive for at least one additional type of HCA.

The new KFC grilled chicken products were the focus of a controversial promotion by Oprah Winfrey, who offered coupons for free Kentucky Grilled Chicken meals on her Web site.

PCRM has alerted Ms. Winfrey to these findings.

"Just as the fat and cholesterol in fried chicken have prompted concerns about heart attacks and obesity, the carcinogenic chemicals found in Kentucky Grilled Chicken raise serious concerns about cancer risk," said Kristie Sullivan, M.P.H., a PCRM toxicologist. "No parent would knowingly serve carcinogens to a child, and parents have no idea these chemicals are in KFC products. We are asking KFC to withdraw Kentucky Grilled Chicken."

PhIP and other HCAs do not exist naturally in chicken; they form when animal muscle is cooked to high temperatures. The National Toxicology Program administered by the National Institutes of Health has identified PhIP as carcinogenic, as have the State of California and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

I guess Oprah Owes Six Million Americans some truly healthy chicken

The Oprah Chicken Riots of '09 was not worth all of what blacks and others went through to get a slab of toxic KFC waste.

Meanwhile, why are people of color going crazy over KFC? Did they put some drips of toxic anger waste into the chicken?

Monique Aguet

Check out 26-year-old woman Monique Aguet who police say tried to run over a KFC employee over, all because the employee failed to provide condiments with her meal.

Police say that Monique Aguet was going through a KFC drive thru near Bell and Reems Rds Wednesday night when the argument began.

Police say a woman suspected of attempting to strike a KFC employee with her car after a dispute Wednesday night was upset that she didn't get a fork along with the BQ sauce

she wanted with her meal.

Initially, Surprise police reported that Monique Aguet, 26, was at the drive-thru of a KFC near Bell and Reems roads when an argument over condiments began. However, police said Friday afternoon that Aguet became angry when employees failed to provide a fork along with the barbeque sauce she had requested. MORE HERE

"She was given the barbeque sauce," said Lt. Craig Scartozzi, a Surprise police spokesman.

The argument escalated when Aguet went inside the store. When she was ordered to leave the building, a KFC employee followed her out of the building and stood behind the vehicle to get her license plate number, Surprise Police spokesperson Lt. Craig Scartozzi said.

"(Aguet) began to pull out and the employee struck the trunk to let her know she was there in case she hadn't seen her," Scartozzi said.

Police suspect that Aguet continued to back out again despite the employee's warning. The employee was struck but not hurt. Aguet was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct.

War President, Barack Obama?

Afghanistan just may be called Barack Obama's War by the end of his first term in office.

Yes, as reported by The Washington Post, As the Obama administration expands U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, military experts are warning that the United States is taking on security and political commitments that will last at least a decade and a cost that will probably eclipse that of the Iraq war. Ouch!

In the past few weeks on this blog, I have been called The White Pundit, and other things, because I don't support Barack Obama's elitist approach of dealing with black folks and black issues. So what should I call Barack Obama? George Bush or Richard Nixon?

As reported by The Washington Post, Since the invasion of Afghanistan eight years ago, the United States has spent $223 billion on war-related funding for that country, according to the Congressional Research Service. Aid expenditures, excluding the cost of combat operations, have grown exponentially, from $982 million in 2003 to $9.3 billion last year. More HERE

AAPP: Americans should expect big Afghanistan -Casualties in this alleged operation of enduring freedom. as reported by AP, There are more than 100,000 international soldiers in Afghanistan, nearly two-thirds of them in the US military with British and Canadian forces also playing a role in the south, the most dangerous battlefield. Without the latest death, 19 international soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan this month, according to the icasualties.org website which compiles a toll. More HERE

Has anyone noticed that there has been a lack of Coverage regarding the death of Americans in Afghanistan?

Here is what will happen more and more in the future:

- 9 Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan - NYTimes.com

- BBC NEWS | UK | Three Paras killed in Afghanistan

- 7 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan - Afghanistan- msnbc.com

Three paratroopers in Jackal are killed by bomb in Afghanistan

- 2 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan - CNN.com

I Thought we voted for Barack Obama to get us out of these wars?

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