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Friday, August 28, 2009

Assigned to check abuse, white social worker impregnates Black client woman

Hat tip to Queen Ifama, Black Achievement, Antoinette and Dale for the link to this story. Check this out, according to jsonline.com,

Kristyna Wentz-Graff

Peter J. Nelsen arrives at the Milwaukee County Courthouse Friday for a hearing on a restraining order against him by Theola Nealy.

A state social worker who investigated a report of child abuse for the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare later had sex with the child's emotionally troubled mother and impregnated her. He then hid the woman's pregnancy and the birth of their daughter from the bureau, even as the mother sought to retain custody of two other children, the Journal Sentinel has learned.

The 56-year-old social worker, Peter J. Nelsen, was allowed to resign from the bureau April 15, according to bureau records.

Within months of his resignation, the bureau removed the 1-year-old girl from her mother and placed her in Nelsen's home. The other children - a 5-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy - also had been removed.

Nelsen is now seeking sole custody of the 1-year-old.

"Everything that I love is gone," said the 31-year-old mother, Theola Nealy.

Nealy was sitting at the kitchen table of her tiny but immaculate south side home. The house, its walls painted pink and peach, is a virtual toy box filled with bikes, dolls and empty beds.

"This is their home," she said.

The administrative code of ethics that Wisconsin social workers are required to follow strictly forbids sexual contact with clients. The rule states: "A person shall continue to be a client for two years after the termination of professional services."

"It is probably the worst thing you can do as a professional," said Marc Herstand, executive director of the Wisconsin chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world. "This is a basic ethical standard."

Although bureau officials knew about the child by early April, no report has been filed with a state examining board, according to a Department of Regulation and Licensing spokesman. David Carlson said Nelsen retains his social worker's license.

State law requires an employer that "terminates, suspends, or restricts the employment" of a licensed social worker as the result of "adverse or disciplinary action against the credential holder relating to his or her practice of social work" report that action to the appropriate examining board within 30 days.

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Children and Families, which runs the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare, said a report was filed. But Angela Russell said she did not know when. More HERE

AAPP says, so what do you think should happen to 56-year-old social worker, and rapist, Peter J. Nelsen? Should he be charged with rape?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A friend to black America has Died - Edward Kennedy

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My hometown Newspaper, Boston Globe, and the Chicago Sun Times and so many newspapers across the world are reporting that Senator Edward M. Kennedy has died.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy fought for universal health care to his final days.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy fought for universal health care to his final days. (File/Mike Theiler/Getty Images)

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who carried aloft the torch of a Massachusetts dynasty and a liberal ideology to the citadel of Senate power, but whose personal and political failings may have prevented him from realizing the ultimate prize of the presidency, died at his home in Hyannis Port last night after a battle with brain cancer. He was 77.

AAPP: As a Bostonian, I have had the opportunity to meet with Senator Kennedy during Boston school desegregation and during the planning process to build of the Kennedy library in Boston next to the old Columbia Point housing site. I always found him to be a delightful man who followed through with his political commitments to black folks in Boston. As the Boston Globe notes,
It's unclear who'll grab reins of Kennedy dynasty, yet one thing is clear Edward M. Kennedy fulfilled a nation’s promise.

He worked with many Presidents (see photos below)

Though Ted Kennedy never ascended to the nation's highest office, he influenced United States politics as much as some presidents. For more than four decades, those holding executive powers worked with and fought against Kennedy on issues ranging from the Vietnam War to Health Care.

Now it would be great if Barack Obama learned something from Edward M. kennedy... "The ability to speak for the poor."

Deadly daycare/Church shooting -Rockford police shoot, kill man in day care center


Have I lost my mind, or has police killings of black men and women gone up since Barack Obama became President? Here another kinngs of a black man at the hands of white police officers. Get this, as reported by By Corina Curry and Chris Green of The Rockford Register Star Police fatally shot a 23-year-old Rockford man today inside a day care housed inside a downtown church.

Yes in a Daycare Church in front of little black children, but Rockford's Black Community is not taking this lying down. Black folks are speaking out about the deadly daycare shooting. A vigil for the young man shot and killed by Rockford Police has been held and more action is planned.

There is more...
It looks like right-wing militias are on the rise in local police departments as well.

The Rockford Register Star reports police and two witnesses gave conflicting accounts of the events leading up to the shooting. Police said Mark Anthony Barmore was killed after he fought with an officer for his service weapon inside a classroom at the House of Grace Daycare and Preschool.

Two day-care operators said there was no struggle over a gun. They said Barmore was shot multiple times after he emerged from a dark boiler room with his hands up.

Marissa Brown, 17, the daughter of day-care operator Sheila Brown, said she witnessed the shooting.

“The officer shined his flashlight into the boiler room and told him to come out. He came out real slow with his hands up and his head down, and they shot him.

“He fell over into the sink. He tried to get back up, and they shot him again. A heavy-set officer was the one who was shooting him while he was on the ground.”

Sheila Brown said she witnessed the shootings after Barmore was on the ground. She said the officers fired as many as eight rounds into Barmore including at least one shot into his head.

The names of the officers were not released.

School was in session at House of Grace Daycare and Preschool, 518 N. Court St., but none of the children or staff members were injured. It’s unclear at this time what the children may have seen.

Chief Chet Epperson, who was on the scene, said Barmore had a physical confrontation with one of the officers in a storage area within one of the school’s classrooms. He said Barmore put his hands on the officer’s handgun and a fight ensued, resulting in gunfire from both officers.

Epperson said it’s too soon to tell who fired first and which officer fired the fatal shot or shots.

An investigation into the shooting and the officers’ use of deadly force is under way, Epperson said.

According to police, two Rockford officers were on the Jefferson Street Bridge heading west when a call went out over police radio alerting officers of a wanted subject. Epperson said he believes the call gave a description of race, approximate age, height, weight and clothing being worn.

The subject was wanted in connection with two domestic disputes, one of which may have involved the use of a knife, Epperson said.

When the officers approached the intersection of Palm and Court streets, they spotted a man who fit the description. Epperson said one of the officers got out of the police squad role van and followed the subject after he ran into Kingdom Authority International Ministries. Kingdom Authority and House of Grace Daycare are connected.

The other officer entered the church from the south and met the officer and the male subject in the day care basement where the shooting occurred.

“I’m extremely concerned if this shooting took place in front of children. I’m extremely concerned whenever there is gunfire in the city,” Epperson said. “But gunfire when children (are) around is just raised to a higher degree. ... We will be investigating this. We will be looking to see if everything was done appropriately.”

The incident will go through an internal review and a criminal investigation, and the shootings will be taken before the Winnebago County grand jury for a ruling on the officers’ use of deadly force and whether it was justified. More information from: Rockford Register Star, http://www.rrstar.com

“There are multiple layers of review that this thing will go through,” Epperson said.

A search of Winnebago County court records shows Barmore has an extensive criminal history including arrests for aggravated assault against a police officer with a fire arm, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting a peace officer.

Emotions were still running high at the church tonight. Before a church revival, House of Grace Pastor Melvin Brown ushered in a parade of area black pastors denouncing the shooting.

Bishop John Senters of Faith Walkers Assembly said he contacted the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

“He was enraged on the telephone,” he said. “He is ready to come to help give voice to this. This can’t die. This can’t be swept under the rug.

AAPP, When is enough, enough? Right-wing militias are on the rise in local police departments. Black folks need to keep a watchful eye on this.

A big shout out to bloggers such as Rippa, Sojourner's Place, Field Negro, Dale at his new blog, HateCrimeWatch Antoinette at her new blog, Antoinette's "Point of View", Ms. Lady Deborah at her blog my brown eyed view and Francis Holland at the Police Brutality Blog who are alsostanding in the gap and holding it down.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Castro says right wingers hate Obama

President Barack Obama is trying to make positive changes in the United States, but is being fought at every turn by right-wingers who hate him because he is black, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Tuesday. More HERE

In an unusually conciliatory column in the state-run media, Castro said Obama had inherited many problems from his predecessor, George W. Bush, and was trying to resolve them. But the "powerful extreme right won't be happy with anything that diminishes their prerogatives in the slightest way."

Obama does not want to change the U.S. political and economic system, but "in spite of that, the extreme right hates him for being African-American and fights what the president does to improve the deteriorated image of that country," Castro wrote.

"I don't have the slightest doubt that the racist right will do everything possible to wear him down, blocking his program to get him out of the game one way or another, at the least political cost," he said.

Castro, who writes regular commentaries for Cuba's state-run media, has criticized Obama, complimented him occasionally and said that he is watching him closely to see if he means what he says about changing U.S. policy toward Cuba.

His latest column comes during a visit to Cuba by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson that has stirred speculation that he may try to push U.S.-Cuba relations forward.

Richardson has been a diplomatic trouble-shooter in nations with which the United States has poor relations. In 1996 he negotiated with Castro for the release of three Cuban political prisoners.

Obama has said he wants to end 50 years of hostilities between the United States and Cuba and has eased the long-standing U.S. trade embargo against the communist-led island.

But he has said the embargo will be lifted only if Cuba shows progress on political prisoners and human rights. Cuban President Raul Castro has said he is happy to discuss these issues but will make no unilateral concessions.

Obama has been criticized by anti-embargo groups for moving too slowly on Cuban policy.

Castro, 83, ran Cuba for 49 years after taking power in a 1959 revolution, but stepped down last year so Raul Castro, his younger brother, could succeed him. Full Story HERE

It's now Barack Obama's War on Afghanistan

As reported by Reuters, The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating along with U.S. public support for the war, Washington's top military officer said on Sunday as he left open the possibility of another increase in troops.

"I think it is serious and it is deteriorating, and I've said that over the past couple of years -- that the Taliban insurgency has gotten better, more sophisticated," said Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.

U.S. combat deaths have risen since U.S. President Barack Obama ordered a troop buildup to confront a resurgent Taliban, with a record 44 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan in July.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll showed a majority of Americans believe the war in Afghanistan is not worth fighting, and just a quarter say more troops should be sent there.

"Certainly the numbers are of concern," Mullen said on NBC's "Meet the Press." But he later added, "this is the war we're in."

Mullen said the new commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, was "wrapping up" his assessment of the situation and would submit it in a couple of weeks.

Mullen said he would evaluate whether more troops were needed after reviewing McChrystal's report.

"We'll see where that goes once the assessment is in here," he said. "And I've had this conversation with the president, who understands that whatever the mission is, it needs to be resourced correctly."

McChrystal's report, originally due in mid-August, was expected after the Afghan election process is completed. Counting is under way following Thursday's election, which drew allegations of vote rigging Sunday from Afghan President Hamid Karzai's main challenger. [ID:nSP74288]


A credible election result is important for the country and for U.S. President Barack Obama, who has made stabilizing Afghanistan a top foreign policy priority.

Obama already plans to increase the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to about 68,000 by year's end, more than double the 32,000 the United States had there at the end of 2008.

Mullen declined to comment on U.S. media reports that McChyrstal might recommend additional increases of 15,000, 25,000 or 45,000 troops.

He said the United States faced a multi-year effort to establish security and enable Afghan forces to maintain it.

"I don't see this as a mission of endless drift. I think we know what to do, we've learned a lot of lessons from Iraq, focusing on the Afghan people," Mullen said.

Asked about an exit strategy, Mullen said: "I've said from a military perspective I believe we've got to start to turn this thing around from a security standpoint in the next 12 to 18 months."

"And I think after that we'd have a better view of how long it's going to take and what we need to do."

Sen. John McCain, the Republican who lost to Obama in last year's presidential election, said on Sunday he did not believe there were enough troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

McCain told ABC's "This Week" that the "clock is ticking" on American public opinion of the Afghan war.

"I think you need to see a reversal of these very alarming and disturbing trends on attacks, casualties and areas of the country that the Taliban has increased control of," he said. (Additional reporting David Lawder; Editing by Doina Chiacu)
Link to Full Story HERE

AAPP says:
Barack Obama is now the War President. "He just does not get it. Americans voted for him to get us out not put us in the devils kitchen." This is just may turn out to be Barack “Obama's Vietnam.”

There are some bloggers who feel it's America's “War of Necessity, it just may be. But I agree with Senator Feingold who told President Barack Obama: he should announce a withdrawal timetable from Afghanistan.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Black Woman Tased In Back - While on Her Knees

Another American Post-Racial Moment

This one out of Cincinnati.

Cincinnati police say the preliminary investigations says Officer Anthony Plummer's actions were not in compliance with Cincinnati Police Departments policies and procedures. Also, the tasing investigation has been recommended to be conducted by the internal investigation section.

Celeste Thomas

Cincinnati police arrested and used a Taser on Celeste Thomas, the daughter of Cincinnati city councilman Cecil Thomas, early Sunday morning.

Her arrest report indicates that Thomas had marks on her upper back from the Taser's barbs.

"It is my understanding that she was on her knees when she was Tased in the back," said Cecil Thomas.

Official comment from the Cincinnati Police Department was not immediately forthcoming. Councilman Thomas, however, said that in a phone call with a senior officer early Sunday morning he was told that police would be reviewing the incident.

A source with knowledge of the incident tells 9News that the officer who used the Taser is Anthony Plummer.

Plummer was investigated by the Cincinnati’s Citizen Complaint Authority in a 2006 complaint stemming from another Tasing incident in which use of excessive force was alleged. In that incident, Plummer was found to have used excessive force.

Additionally, sources tell 9News that Plummer was terminated for issues related to excessive force but reinstated last year after arbitration. More HERE

Sunday, August 23, 2009

SCLC Fort Worth calls for FBI federal investigation into the taser death of Michael Patrick Jacobs

On August 22, 2009, Rev. Kyev Tatum, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference - Fort Worth Chapter wrote a letter to President Barack Obama requesting a FBI federal investigation into the taser death of Michael Patrick Jacobs while in custody of the Fort Worth Police Department.

Rev. Tatum noted that the death was caused because of excessive deadly force to a mentally challenge African-American young man. He also noted that the crime was a hate crime because the officers, which were all white refused to assist this young man by providing CPR when he was unconscious. The officers also threaten the young man's mother with deadly force when she reached out to assist her son. Read the letter sent to President Obama below.

What We Think About Taser Abuse

This blogger, who is also publisher of the blog Tasered While Black supports Rev. Tatum's efforts and urges all readers of this blog to send letters to the President and to the U.S. Attorney General to investigate this case.

We also urge you to sign the petition to hold Congressional Hearings into Taser Use and Abuse in America.

Here is the letter from Rev. Kyev Tatum, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference - Fort Worth Chapter written to President Barack Obama:

Dear Mr. President:

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Fort Worth Chapter is requesting a FBI federal investigation into the taser death of Michael Patrick Jacobs while in custody of the Fort Worth Police Department.

We believe the death was caused because of excessive deadly force to a mentally challenge African-American young man.

This crime was a hate crime because the officers, which were all white refused to assist this young man by providing CPR when he was unconscious. The officers also threaten the young man's mother with deadly force when she reached out to assist her son. One white male officer put his hand on his gun and told her "she better get back."

Supportive News Story:


It appears the Mayor and other city officers are trying to cover up the facts in this cause.

We are requesting an immediate investigation of this case.

I can be reached at 817-966-7625.


Rev. Kyev Tatum,
Southern Christian Leadership Conference - Fort Worth Chapter
7510 John T White Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76120

Cc: SCLC National Office
Dallas South

AAPP says: Sign the petition to hold Congressional Taser Hearings into Taser Torture today!

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