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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Obama Wins! Hillary Clinton Scrambles looking for black vote

Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) has won the Iowa caucuses while Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) got herself a third-place finish with her negative campaigning. Democrat Barack Obama has put to rest the question of whether a black presidential candidate can win in white America.

I guess he answered my own question

The Washington Post notes, "Obama's win sends a shockwave through the Democratic field as a candidate who was elected to the Senate from Illinois just two years ago has toppled the first family of Democratic politics. Clinton's apparent inability to beat out Edwards is likely to send warning signals throughout her campaign." More HERE

AAPP says: Clinton emphasized her experience as a senator and being the wife of former president Bill Clinton. Obama said his experience as a new U.S. Senator, his experience as a legislator, his biracial background and his experience on the ground in Chicago would make him the better candidate to bring Washington and the nation together. The people of Iowa have spoken. Clinton does not represent change. Like Neo the fictional character in the movie the Matrix, Obama just may be the one. It just may be up to black folks on Super Tuesday to now see that whites are willing to vote for a black man, and turn around and vote for Obama instead of Edwards and Hillary. Make this dream of change a reality.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is scrambling big time. Probably for black votes through the Carolina's. Yes, Ms. Howdy Doody is fighting for her political future and it don't look that great for her and her tired husband who thinks he actually is the first black president. Hopefully black folks who turn to Obama and away from the Clinton's. They are so yesterday's news, just like stupid people.

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