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Monday, December 31, 2007

Help Find Chioma Gray

As reported by Electronic Village, Chioma Gray is a 15-year old girl abducted from her hometown of Oxnard, CA.

She is not blue-eyed and blonde ... so the mainstream media hasn't told you about her story yet. Electronic Village, Black and Missing But Not Forgotten, Wichita NAACP, and now African American Political Pundit, African American Opinion, African American Opinion and Social Newtworking, African American Political Opinion, Black Accountability Project, and Tasered While Black want to get her story out. We join Villager, at Electronic Village, as he ask all Villagers to be vigilant in looking after their own children ... and keeping an eye out for Chioma as well.

Electronic Village, Black and Missing But Not Forgotten, Wichita NAACP

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