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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hillary Clinton's New 21st Century Southern Strategy - Not Working

Now the former President it trying to scare people into voting for his wife. Check this out, as reported by the Washington Post. "Former president Bill Clinton, cautioning an audience here Sunday night that the next president will almost certainly face a major, unforeseen event within the first 18 months of taking office, said his wife alone has been tested and is ready to handle any crisis that confronts the United States."

The Clinton new 21st Century Southern Strategy

Note: "the southern strategy," started under Richard M. Nixon in 1968, and described Republican efforts to use race as a wedge issue
. Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to be using a new Southern Strategy to court black voters away from Obama.

The Clintons' have a new 21st Century Southern Strategy that cast Hillary Clinton as the safe choice while painting her opponents, particularly Barack Obama as a risky bet. As reported by WaPo, that line of attack jumped into the public eye during an interview the former president did with PBS's Charlie Rose in which he said making Barack Obama the nominee would constitute a "roll of the dice" since the Illinois senator had spent such a short time in elected office.

Black Conservatives endorsing Huckabee

Now we have Uncle Tom type African American conservatives praising the former Arkansas governor’s track record on traditional values
Read More HERE.

With that said, the Des Moines Register released its final poll of Iowa Democrats ahead of Thursday's caucuses.

I Guess very few in Iowa are feeling the Clintons' new 21st Century Southern Strategy or for that matter the black conservatives, in fact, it appears people are listening to Obama as he holds a 7-Point Lead in Iowa Here are the numbers:

Barack Obama 32%
Hillary Clinton 25%
John Edwards 24%
latest Des Moines Register poll

Of course Hillary Clinton is disputing the Poll Results. She is continuing to use her new 21st Century Southern Strategy by using the Bill Clinton "gamble" language in the final 72 hours of the Iowa race, telling USA Today's Susan Page that she was "not asking voters to take me on a leap of faith", implicitly contrasting her alleged steadiness with the risk associated with picking Obama. Sounds like old school southern strategy politics of Richard Nixon to me.

I'm so glad
Black Bloggers are beginning to see through Hillary's southern strategy.
I know I see right through it.

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