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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Obama and the black - African-American Vote - Another Black Doll vs White Doll Test?

Ok, the vote is over in Iowa. Obama won that state!

Now the question is can Obama count on the black vote? The fact of the matter is Black voters helped Obama gain ground on Clinton. Now the question is can Obama count on the black vote? For many black voters in America it may come down to a simple test. Which one will we choose? Will we follow the pattern that we have followed for hundreds of years and pick the white Doll over the black doll? Thinking that the white doll would be nicer? Thinking that we could not trust the black doll? Or will black voters pick the black doll and not follow out of step Black Leaders?

Someone should do a test of 50 black kids and 50 black adults and place an Obama doll, a Hillary Doll and a Edwards doll in front of them and ask them to choose and the reason why. I bet you the results would be shocking! It's not only American Black's that have to address inner hatred of our own people, it will be blacks living in other countries who through absentee ballot will vote for president as well.

There are some that will say that the Presidency is more important than a doll test. I would say, maybe, maybe not. Are Presidents only puppets to the power elite in America anyway?

So the question for black voters may be: Which puppet doll do you want? The black puppet doll or the white puppet doll?

I like the black puppet doll. It's all a political game anyway, lets place some play time requirements on the black puppet doll so it can positively impact on black americans life. Otherwise we are just not in the game. I plan to pick the black doll? How about you?

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