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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kendrick Meek hurt by black politico's

Talk about Black politico's in Florida not sticking together...

Al Lawson Crist Meek
Al Lawson 
Democratic minority leader of the Florida State Senate

A reported  by the Huffington Post, Al Lawson, Democratic minority leader of the Florida State Senate, has chosen to endorse Independent U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Crist over Democrat Kendrick Meek. 

What a damn shame! It's clear to me that this endorsement is being made to send the message to blacks in Florida that it's O.K. not to support Kendrick Meek.

But there is more to this story as reported in the Huffington Post. Get this:

Al Lawson, the Florida State Senate's Democratic minority leader, said that Crist has "always been there for us" and had supported state employees, rural counties and universities as Governor.

"Florida desperately needs an independent senator in Washington who will fight for good jobs and economic opportunity, a quality education for every child, and Social Security for all of our seniors regardless of what the political party bosses want," Lawson said in a statement, according to CNN. "Charlie Crist will be exactly that Senator, and I am proud to endorse his candidacy."

But Lawson's decision to endorse Crist instead of Meek may not be so straightforward.

Lawson, the only black state Senator representing Northern Florida, suffered a defeat in a Democratic primary last month in Florida's 2nd Congressional District, thanks in part to a heavy effort by both the Florida Democratic Party and Obama's Organizing for America for his opponent, Rep. Allen Boyd.

And Lawson wasn't hesitant to admit his new found exasperation with Democrats. More HERE

AAP says: So...Obama's Organizing for America people are in Florida creating a bunch of mess...  As Brendan McLaughlin noted in his ABC report recently. There are three candidates in the race for U.S. Senate, but Charlie Crist's campaign is trying to make it a two-man race. The governor, running without party affiliation, is counting on Democrats to abandon their nominee and send him to Washington. Read More HERE

It's going to be interesting how this plays out in the fall and in 2011 for Barack Obama. One has to wonder why the President and his national Democratic Chairman have not placed pressed democrats to support the nominee, Kenrick Meek and not Charlie Crist.

Black folks need to organize!

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