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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Presidential Forum in Iowa

Sunday December 1, 2007 - Heartland Presidential Forum

Hat Tips to: Michele Norris, Host of NPR's All Thing Considered for information on the event. Also Hat Tip to Citizen Journalist, and afrospear member, Faye Anderson of the blog Anderson@Large for the information link.

Iowa Heartland Presidential Forum is shaping up to be the largest gathering of likely Iowa caucus-goers leading up to Caucus day!

Over 5,000 every-day people will be there - many of whom haven't yet decided which candidate they will support. We'll share our real-life stories, concerns and hopes for the future with the candidates and ask how they intend to stand up for community values.

This is a team effort all the way - over two dozen community-based organizations with a combined membership of over 200,000 Iowans have come together to put on the show! So where are YOU gonna be on December 1st? More HERE

Over 300 journalists from The New York Times, NPR, NBC, the Los Angeles Times, ABC World News Tonight, BlackAmerica Web, and CNN will cover the event. Both Michele Norris and Faye Anderson will cover the event in live in Iowa. I plan to cover the event remotely from the comfort of my home (smile) in Maryland.

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