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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hillary. Black Voters and A Divided Democratic Party?

On Thursday Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Joe Andrew announced he has switched his allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama and is encouraged fellow superdelegates to make their choice for a nominee soon. (AP Photo) On Friday some folks did. With former DNC Chairs for Clinton sending a letter of support for Hillary Clinton, writing in the letter:

"Those of us who support Hillary Clinton for president do so with the knowledge that she, just like us, has dedicated her life to improving the standard of living for others, and she has worked to make our Party the strong force that it is today. Her values are our Party’s values. Her record of fiscal prudence is matched by her commitment to social responsibility. Her accomplishments in the area of strengthening America’s security are a matter of public record.

Hillary has run one of the most formidable campaigns in the history of our Party. Her wins this primary season are significant – Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas. Her base of support includes women, Hispanics, seniors, Catholics, middle and low income Americans, and rural, suburban and urban voters. That’s a formidable coalition tailor-made for victory in a November general election."

AAPP: You notice any groups missing from the statement above? Ooops Black folks...
I guess black voters are not important to the Democrats? - For that matter to Hillary Clinton. Did you notice her base of support is not African Americans vs Baracks base of support in many states, has been
broad, and includes, blacks, women, latinos, seniors, Catholics, middle and low income Americans, and rural, suburban and urban voters.

What are your thoughts? Is it a divided Democratic Party? Or should we all sit back and let Superdelegates do what Earl Ofari Hutchinson
and other Clinton supporter types, would have us do. I guess my good brother Earl Ofari Hutchinson would have the Color of Change and his hundreds of thousands of members to "sit on the back of the bus like good negroes, and not engage in the Democratic process of discussion and debate."

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