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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary Burns Blacks, Like General Sherman Burn't Down Atlanta

Hillary Clinton as General Sherman - Her Own March To The Sea

Sherman.jpg (36081 bytes)


Hillary Clinton is a "Spoiler" and is making the 2008 Election her own personal scorched earth, color aroused campaign that reminds this blogger of General Sherman ordering his troops to burn crops, kill livestock, consume supplies, and destroy civilian infrastructure along their path. After her loss against Barack Obama in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton, (like General Sherman in Georgia) has been determined to burn and destroy, and has issued orders accordingly. The candidate, Hillary Clinton, seems to have issue d the following proclamation:

Burn The Democratic Party
Burn The Blacks too.

To the Black Citizens of America: You are instructed by General Hillary that you must all leave America; that as many of you as want to go back to Africa can do so, and that as many as want to go other countries that will treat you as equal can do so, and that all blacks can take with them their movable property.

Latinos, Native Americans, Asians and other people of color are included, if they want to go, but that no force is to be used; and that we will furnish transportation for persons and property as far as Rough and Ready, from whence it is expected General Bill Clinton will assist in carrying it on. Like transportation will be furnished for people and property going back to Africa, and it is required that all things contemplated by this notice will be carried into execution as soon as possible. We only want
Hard-Working, White Americans
living in the United States of America.


Hillary and Bill "We want To Be President at All Cost" Clinton's

AAPP: Hey I could be wrong, maybe it's not General Sherman she was chnneling, Maybe it was
George Wallace? Be that s it my, I agree with the writer of Was Hillary channeling George Wallace? Hillary's reckless exploitation of racial (color) division could split the Democratic Party over race -- a tragic legacy for the Clintons.

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