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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Al Wynn - Congressional Black Caucus Member Being Held Accountable

Hey Al Wynn
See Yah!

Late Update: With 51% reporting, the Associated Press has projected Donna Edwards the winner over Al Wynn — and apparently by a landslide. source: Talking Points Memo

Pr. George's attorney leads in early results against eight-term Representyative Wynn in Md.

WaPo reports U.S. Rep. Albert R. Wynn (D) conceded a short time ago after a stunning loss to Prince George's County lawyer Donna F. Edwards. Wynn, who had served in the 4th District for eight terms, had been targeted by an aggressive advertisement campaign, funded in part with hundreds of thousands of dollars from national labor groups and liberal organizations. The effort apparently convinced voters that Wynn had fallen out of step with his overwhelmingly Democratic district during his 15 years in Congress.

AAPP: Maybe its time for Afrospear members to target Congressional Black Caucus members who a just like Wynn and run against them. We need to hold Congressional Black Caucus members accountable who support Hillary Clinton after voters in their district overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama.

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