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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black Music History on The Panache Report.com

Speaking of black entertainers, how about


AAPP says: I found a great website, The Panache Report.com It has great stories, post and links to black celeberities that died with little or no fanfare.

As an old school brother, I Love this website, as Ms. Panache tracks everything I wanted to know about old school entertainers, and where they are now. Many, who have gone on to that great entertainment show in the heavens.

Myra Panache, Editor-Publisher, and founder of this website deserves a big shout out for keeping our music history alive.

On her website, Myra Panache highlights (Willie Hutch) Willie McKinley Hutchinson, known professionally as Willie Hutch (December 6, 1944 – September 19, 2005) was an singer, guitarist, songwriter, and record producer. Hutch, born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Dallas, Texas, is notable as both a performer and songwriter/producer for the Motown label during the 1970s. Before joining Motown, Hutch worked as a producer for acts such as The 5th Dimension. Besides writing hit songs such as The Jackson 5's "I'll Be There." Hutch also recorded several albums for Motown (and later for Whitfield Records, run by former Motown producer Norman Whitfield), and had top 20 R&B hits with singles such as "Brother's Gonna Work It Out" from the "Mack," soundtrack and "Slick" (both 1973). Following in the tradition of Curtis Mayfield, he recorded the soundtrack album for the blaxploitation films The Mack (1973) and Foxy Brown (1974) and he also contributed to the "Cleopatra Jones," soundtrack.

Hutch died on September 19, 2005 of reasons yet to be disclosed. He was 60.

Read more about in her old School Archives, Scandals & Tragedies Below.

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