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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Black Teen With Special Needs Beaten By Police

File this under: Attack on black youth in America!

Yes there is no question that the black on black
Violence Must Stop!

Yet, the Violence by police against black youth must also stop!
As many of the readers of my blog know. I and many other bloggers have been tracking the Tasering of black folks by police agencies for two years or more. But I have to wonder when is the attack on black america going to stop? When will black America rise and say enough is enough.

OPINION: The Violence Must Stop!

Check out how Marshawn Pitts, 15, was beaten and suffocated because his shirt was not tucked in.

As reported by Chicago 2.com, NewsOne, and many other news outlets, Security cameras captured the beating of a 15-year-old Special Education student by a police officer. Marshawn Pitts says the officer started shouting and swearing at him because his shirt wasn't tucked in. More HERE

As reported the Chicago 2 news, in the video, you can see that he gets slammed to the ground and his face smashed into the floor. His nose was broken.

AAPP: I'm surprised the officer didn't use a taser on him.
Is it not obvious yet, that black folks are feeling the impact of hatred towards the election of Barack Obama as president. There is clearly an attack on black America. What do you think?

Hat Tip NewsOne for these related post:

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