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Friday, February 5, 2010

NAACP Gives Score of A To Bigoted Senator Harry Reid

According to Krissah Thompson at The Washington Post even after the racial firestorm last month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scored an A on the latest report card from the NAACP. 

AAPP: The NAACP should rename itself SAMBOS!



AAPP: Surprise, Surprise! "The NAACP is still smiling and saying "Yes Um Boss," to the soon to be "all white Senate" who are full of southern and northern bigots, who have done little of nothing over the past 40 years to address poverty in America, or any real issues impacting the black communities across America."   


 No they rather give out silly report cards and bogus "best negro" image awards.


The Fact of the matter is the subprime mortgage crisis will cause African-Americans to experience wealth losses of between $72 billion and $93 billion over its duration. For people of color in general, the racial bias of subprime mortgage lenders accounts for nearly double the wealth losses for people of color as for whites. This all happened while Harry Reid was in office. I guess the NAACP does not understand that Black America is getting foreclosed on, and are losing between $72-93 Billion dollars, while they are giving out A's out like there is no tomorrow. 


AAPP says: The National office of the NAACP should do more to address the real crisis impacting black America, rather than providing report cards in support of color aroused, bigoted Senators who's votes mean nothing if black folks are stilling losing their homes, unemployed at rates of 35-50% for some segments, and have the highest cancer, AIDS, Breast Cancer, and infant mortality rates. 
OK back to the Washington post article, according to the Washington Post, the Nevada Democrat may have gotten in trouble for his pre-election comments describing President Obama as "light-skinned" with no "Negro accent," but his voting record was something the 100-year-old civil rights group cheered in its report card of the first session of the 111th Congress released Thursday. 

The association ranked each member of Congress on support of NAACP's policy positions based on 21 key votes cast last year in the Senate and 25 votes in the House. Fifty-nine percent of senators and 47 percent of House members received an A, and 29 percent of senators and 34 percent of House members received an F. 

On the whole, Democrats were far more likely to get high marks than Republicans. The exception were centrist Blue Dog Democrats, many of whom received Cs and Ds.  

AAPP says: I would like to know what Harry Reid has done to address the root causes of black men’s difficulties in the labor market, including high rates of incarceration, limited education, and discrimination. What has Harry Reid done to ensure that all communities have fair access to jobs? What has Harry Reid actually done to reduce inequities and promote equal opportunity in the labor market and promote access to meaningful employment opportunities for black men and women? 

That's What I would like to know NAACP? The fact of the matter Harry Reid is no, LBJ. Harry Reid is no Edward M. Kennedy! 

The fact is, as reported by between one quarter and one third of all working-age African Americans are unemployed. Three quarters of Black teens are unemployed. What has Senator Reid done?

For African American men of prime working age (25-54) it is estimated the "real" jobless rate at 26 percent. For African American teens (16-19), "real" unemployment is 74 percent. Even for white teens it is 52 percent!  What has Senator Reid done? Read more HERE  

Read more on how the youthful NAACP President Benjamin Jealous is turning into just another NAACP hack and look alike of Julian Bond and other old school NAACP president's who think the best strategy for the NAACP is to continue to act like 2010 Steppin Fetchit's.

I guess blogger Rippa is right, black leader, from the NAACP to Barack Obama are saying, we are on our own!  

The NAACP has given Alabama gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis a 'B', the lowest grade among Congressional Black Caucus members, for this past year: Davis, 42, barely got a grade of “B”  More HERE. Oh what a tangled web, we have negroes all around us...


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