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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is My Left Wing a "whitosphere" blog? Is Francis Holland Blogging While Black?

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Why the continued banning of African American blogger Francis L. Holland, Esq? Does he not have a license to drive in the blogosphere? Or are there certain neighborhoods he just can't go into because he has too much dialague about issues related to the blogosphere takeover by possible CIA operatives or issues related to blacks and white segregation of the blogosphere?

What is going on with
liberal bloggers? What is going on with Black -International - Internet Activist Francis L. Holland? Hey, Liberal Bloggers - Can't we just get along? Has Francis Holland been Rodney Kinged? Is Francis Holland a trouble maker? Is this the 60's and 70's all over again?

It seems that everywhere Francis L. Holland goes in the liberal white blogosphere he gets banned. When he is in the AfroSphere, well we may not agree with him all the time, but we never find a need to ban the brotha. (Yet) - :-)

Why are white, (so called), liberal bloggers so sensitive? Does Francis Holland some how touch a nerve, open the wound, rub a little salt on it? Is the brotha making people feel a we-bit uncomfortable? Taking you to another zone? Or is it just Francis Holland Bullshit? I agree with the Liberal Journal Man who is not feeling this
Censorship In The Blogosphere.

Liberal Journal writes:

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"I am fucking disgusted at these scumbags calling themselves liberals who choose to limit speech on their sites. What is liberal about deciding what speech is right or wrong? What is liberal about saying that an idea or theory has already been “debunked”? What if new information comes out?

What’s worse is that I have yet to see hate speech be the subject of a banning or deletion. In other words, these are ideas. Ideas which may be repeated elsewhere. Ideas which you may not agree with (at the moment). But ideas. You bring shame to the word liberal."

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AAPP - Maybe we can all learn something about race relations of the blogosphere by looking at the Francis L. Holland ban as a case study in democratic or non-democratic liberal blogging. Below is what Francis L. Holland said he learned at MyLeftWing.

What have we all learned?

What I Learned at MyLeftWing

Yesterday, I was banned from participation at the MyLeftWing whitosphere blog. I feel a void now, because I really enjoy writing all of the things that I have always wanted to say to white people and saying it, and then weathering the storm of criticism that inevitably results.

I realize that I might not be a sympathetic plaintiff in a test case about Black free speech in the whitosphere, because the jury would be a white audience and they would find many of my positions outrageous. During the days of American de jure segregation, the concept of integration itself seemed outrageous to many white people. It still does today.

I have realized that I would rather describe things exactly as I see them for a day, at the risk of being rejected, then to describe them mostly as white people see them for a lifetime, at the risk of being perennially accepted.

I have realized that white progressives willingly accept any criticism of Republicans and conservatives, but they ultimately reject all criticism of themselves, often saying that such criticism divides Democrats.

Democratic progressives are already divided and segregated along color lines, in terms of where we live, what we think, what we think about, and where we blog. At white blogs, we can challenge whites to think about what we think about, but if we assert that our white âEUROOEprogressiveâEURO audience is part of the problem, then we will be rejected and banned.

Much of what I learned at MyLeftWing is integrally related to my efforts to discredit Markos Alberto C. Moultisas Zúñiga, the ex-CIA trainee and homophobic white numerically supremacist owner of the DailyKos whitosphere blog, where I was called a monkey.

I have learned that when circulating negative information about a white public figure to whites, it is much more effective to circulate negative information that shocks whites than to circulate only negative information that would shock Blacks.

When I first began circulating my grievances about DailyKos last fall, I focused on a study by Dr. Steve B showing that DailyKos is 96% white (in a Democratic Party has 20% Black delegates at its national convention). But, whites are used to and comfortable with segregation; although that information galvanized Black people against DailyKos, it had little effect on white people.

Then, I began circulating another internal study from DailyKos showing that 69% of DailyKos members are either atheists or agnostics. The publication of that information for the purpose of discrediting the political role of DailyKos tended to anger progressives. For moral reasons, I did not want to add fuel to the fire of conservatives' suspicions of godlessness among Democrats, so I did not circulate that information among the Republicans, conservatives and right-wing religious people who would have found it most interesting.

However, my anti-Kos campaign really began to gain traction when I focused my attention on aspects of Kos' character and history that would interest whites. My âEUROOETruth About KosâEURO blog got little attention from whites when it limited its criticism to the segregation at DailyKos. Whites said, âEURO~Sure DailyKos is all-white, but so what? That doesnâEURO(tm)t shock us.âEURO(tm)

But, when I revealed and proved that KosâEURO(tm)s family represents interests that pollute grey whale spawning grounds; hold leadership in a group implicated in supporting death squads in El Salvador; Kos opposed gays in the military and, above all, Kos was involved in the CIA, that all had gotten whitesâEURO(tm) attention.

Even whites who hate Blacks care are interested that their associates have also associated with the CIA. These issues all transcended uniquely Black concerns, and thatâEURO(tm)s why two-dozen white blogs, including conservative ones, are helping me to spread the message that the owner of an all-white "progressive" blog was once "interviewed" (for SIX MONTHS) at the CIA. Now, the white blogs have adopted my anti-Kos stories and run with them. (See list of white blogs running links to the Truth About Kos articles.) This strategy has turned on its head the problem of white blogs not linking to Black blogs. They WILL link to Black blogs, if we provide surprising new information about white public figures.

I have to admit that I learned this strategy from conservative political action groups and lobbyists. They often have to advocate for causes that are not popular with the public, just like Blacks, as a group, are not popular with the public. So, instead of trying to change the publicâEURO(tm)s mind about their own client, they attack their opposition based on something that IS popular, because they know that ultimately it doesnâEURO(tm)t matter in politics why the public opposes my enemies if that public opposition helps my candidate to get elected and forces politicians to listen to me when I speak.

So, instead of appealing to the public on behalf of more lake pollution (their issue), they attack the public official for wanting to increase taxes (which is a great concern to the general public that would have rejected an appeal in favor of more lake pollution). If the result is that the official who wants to stop lake pollution is rejected by the public, it doesnâEURO(tm)t matter why he is rejected, as long as he loses. That's the principle of the Republican lobbyists.

This is the strategy that unpopular conservatives employ, but the strategy can be successful for unpopular Blacks as well. If you have to choose between attacking someone because he is unkind to Blacks and attacking him because heâEURO(tm)s unkind to puppies, the latter strategy is more effective politically because the public finds that issue more compelling. If you are the one originating the attack, your really issue will be noticed regardless of the issue that you make most prominent in your public campaign.

So, as I told friends recently, I don't need for white to like me MORE. I just need for whites to like Markos Moulitsas LESS.

No matter what I say, some people will believe that I miss the whites at MyLeftWing. In fact, I will miss challenging the whites at MyLeftWing. I will miss the adrenalin rush that I get when I publish something I know they wonâEURO(tm)t like, and then wait for them to become furious about it. They say, âEUROOEHow can you hurt our feelings so, Mr. Holland?âEURO And I respond, âEURO~I live outside the United States precisely so that my feelings, my liberty and my life will not be subject to the whims of whites. White policemen, white politicians, white bankers, white polluters . . .

Not all white people are bad. But, because whites are the overwhelming majority of the United States population, most bad people in the United States are white. I couldnâEURO(tm)t say that at MyLeftWing, could I?

I have learned that most Black bloggers couldnâEURO(tm)t care less about blogging at white blogs. This reminds me of a discussion with friends my A.M.E church back in 1993, when participating in college fellowship there. In discussing white people, it turned out that most of the members of our college fellowship went to segregated schools as children, did not have any white friends and did not want to have any.

This being so, why should Black bloggers want to blog in the midst of whites? The only answer I can offer is, âEUROOEArenâEURO(tm)t there some things that you have always wanted to say to white people âEURO" to the police, to a boss or co-worker or manager of a store âEURO" and didnâEURO(tm)t because power relationships prevented you from doing so? You can say those things to whites at their white blogs.âEURO

Unfortunately, my case shows that Blacks CANNOT say those things to whites at white blogs, because the same power relationships that obtain in the larger society obtain at white blogs, regardless of whether they are ostensibly âEUROOEprogressiveâEURO or âEUROOEconservative.âEURO Whenever a white majority determines what Blacks people will be allowed to say, that circumstance is inherently oppressive to Black people. Knowing this to be true, most Black bloggers simply refuse to invest themselves in such a rigged election in the first place.

I, on the other hand, would prefer to say all that I believe to white people for a day, than to avoid their forums completely and never tell them what I really think.

I will always remember my time at MyLeftWing as the epoch in my writing where I exposed Markos Alberto C. Moultisas Zúñiga for the right-wing Republican CIA-applicant homophobic fraud that he really is. And that makes my efforts valuable, regardless of what I write and where I publish it in the future.

Along the way, I have found some real white collaborators, like Stu Piddy at MyLeftWing, who first published the news that MAMZ had applied to be a CIA agent. During this period, I have also collaborated effectively with Tom of the Automatic Preference Blog. Most surprisingly and pleasantly, by researching and publishing the Truth About Kos, I have found more than two dozen white blogs who find these truth shocking as I do, and have taken up the cause of publishing the truth far and wide.

No one promised us that Black revolutionary thinkers and political activists would we welcomed by whites with open arms. History tells us that the opposite is true, that they only deify Black change advocates when we are dead and no longer present the risk of change.

Francis L. Holland, Esq.

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