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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Police Brutality - New Orleans Style

Crime and Police Brutality - New Orleans Style

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin gives his state of the city address at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans in this, May 30, 2007, file photo. Mayor Ray Nagin said he worries that killings send the message that the city is dangerous, but the news also

Mayor Ray Nagin said he worries that slayings in the city make it seem dangerous, but news of such crimes "keeps the New Orleans Brand out there! This after A police officer fired from the New Orleans Police Department for the post-Katrina beating of a retired school teacher was cleared of criminal wrongdoing, declared "not guilty" of battery and false imprisonment by Judge Frank Marullo.

The incident (below) on Bourbon Street five weeks after the storm received international attention, as parts of the altercation between several law enforcement officers and Robert Davis, 66, was captured by two cameramen and broadcast around the world. The tape was often referred to as the prime exhibit of the post-Katrina struggles of a police department with a long history of police brutality. More HERE

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What is the mayor thinking?

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