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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Are Southern Whites Resisting Obama? Is It because of his Race? Black Man V White Woman, Can Obama Really Fight Back?

With black support shifting toward Obama and black voters in Georgia joining voting rolls at three times the pace of whites is Obama now facing white resistance In South?

The Huffington Post reports, Donna Brazile, who ran the 2000 Gore campaign, said "my sense is that it [white southern support for Obama] is independents, college students, high income, highly educated and urban whites who often back strong Black reform candidates. More HERE

In the case of the south do you think Obama may have a hard time getting white support because Obama is Black? Do you think southerners will vote for John Edwards vs Voting for a black or a women Presidential candidate? Do you think he is taking a risk when he is attacked to fight back, against a woman? Can he fight back against Hillary's attacks? Particularly when Hillary feels she is "entitled to the Presidency," and Obama needs to wait his turn. I guess she would like to say, "First a woman, then a black. Not a black and then a women, Senator Obama."

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