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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mitt Romney, Blacks and his scary history

Oh Hell No! Not another bigot coming in first for the Republicans. Is this going to be George Bush part 3? CBS News projects former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will be the winner of the Nevada Republican caucuses More HERE. Romney who has no problems using the expression ``tar baby" -- a phrase many African Americans consider a racial epithet -- More HERE

Mitt Romney has continued to lie as he refuses repudiate Mormon racism. Also check out his comments of the great experiment of America, and how it took America a while to figure out racial hatred. The folks at Jack and Jill Politics have been following Mitt and Mormons, Romney and Race for some time. So have the many other black political bloggers and their readers.

Even Black Republicans are concerned about Mitt Romney. As reported by the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Very recently, well known Black Republican J.C. Watts publicly complained that the Romney presidential campaign was absolutely void of Blacks, Hispanics or any other ethnicity other than white. It was lily white and this needed to be corrected proclaimed the former Black congressman from Oklahoma. When approached about J.C.’s comments on CNN News, Mitt Romney retorted, “What’s the charge? Is there something wrong with that?” He then explained that he hired only the best workers and if that means an all white staff – so be it. More HERE

Maybe Mitt and his team should read more about black folks within his faith, and maybe hire some black members o his own faith. But then again, as he said, 'if that means an all white staff - so be it."

All Blacks and Arabs look alike

Expect some more, Osam — uh — Barack Obama type comments from Mitt Romney in the near future. You see, Mitt Romney can't tell the difference between Osama and Obama.

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