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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Black Woman and Hair Weaves

"I'm Tired of seeing black woman in weaves." Why can't black woman be more natural? OK, now I know there are going be a whole lot of women that are going to say, why can't black men be better fathers, etc, etc. etc. OK but that is not the subject of my post. I'm talking hair folks. Candidly, I'm appreciating Ashley McDonald's take on the hair issue.

Hair Debate Rages On as Natural Styles Take Root

By Ashley McDonald - Black College Wire

Each morning at the start of the day, two women prepare to perform their daily beauty rituals.

One woman reaches in her drawer and pulls out her flat iron to smooth out her chemically-straightened tresses. The smell of oil and burning hair rises to the ceiling. Once done straightening, a cloud of oil sheen surrounds her head. The fog clears and after 30 minutes in the mirror, her hair is finally presentable.

ImageJust down the street, the other woman stares into her bathroom mirror. She does not have a bone straight mane resting on her head. Instead she reaches for her afro pick, detangles her tight coils, applies some natural oils to her kinky mane, ties her headband securely and marvels in the beauty of her natural texture.

When it comes to African-American women, hair can be a touchy subject. Some women cling tightly to the implications that surround having long silky hair, while other women choose to display what nature placed on their heads.

Black women have long tried to "correct" the natural texture of their hair by applying chemicals to permanently straighten their hair. A change in recent style has created a different breed of woman. Whether you call it nappy, kinky or textured, natural hair is on the rise among African Americans.

Celebrities like Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and India.Arie have helped put natural hair back in the spotlight. More HERE

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