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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Theft By Taking, John McCain "Rips Off" Barack Obama campaign slogans and images as his own

Sam Stein, a Political Reporter at the Huffington Post, who has worked with the investigative journalism group, Center for Public Integrity is finding something interesting about John McCain. I think my readers will find interesting too. He is wondering and I am too:

Is John McCain trying to be the older, whiter, more conservative Barack Obama?

As reported by Sam Stien, On Tuesday, the Senator co-opted the slogan that has come to personify Obama's candidacy, taking the Illinois Democrat's "
Change You Can Believe In" and altering it into "A Leader You Can Believe In." The line donned McCain's lime-green backdrop as he addressed supporters in Louisiana. During that speech, moreover, the Arizonan took his Obama-posing a step further, uttering the word "change" more than 30 times. Not that Obama can claim sole ownership of the word or idea, but still... Now there is this. On Wednesday, the McCain campaign put out a new homepage, featuring his new, Obama-like slogan, and an image that seems uncannily similar to Obama's trademark campaign logo - the red and white stripped valley under what appears to be a blue sun (or in McCain's case, blue sun rays). Take a look at the images below:

As Sam Stien points out: McCain's seems to be positioning himself so that he is not caught, like Sen Hillary Clinton, simply ceding the mantle of change to Obama. But when the co-opting of images, logos, and slogans is this blatant, it could prove more embarrassing than advantageous.

So what do you think folks? You like the McCain Vote for Change logos? Is he a true agent of change. Or is he just another Fox in Sheeps clothing?

AAPP: McCain is famous for going postal on his colleagues. I hope he does not go postal when I call him a thief with no campaign image of his own. But then again maybe he does have a political image of his own, one that he is trying to hide.

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