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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So... Jennifer Hudson lip "Sang" The National Anthem, Who CARES?

original post: Mon, 02 Feb 2009

As reported by MTV, By now, you're probably either read about or seen Jennifer Hudson's stirring rendition of the national anthem before Sunday night's Super Bowl. In her first public performance since seen her mother, brother and nephew were slain in October, Hudson delivered a stunning version of the anthem.

But after the game, the show's producer, "American Idol" music director Ricky Minor, told The Associated Press that, at his request, Hudson lip-synched the anthem to a previously recorded track.

AAPP: Who cares MTV, leave Jennifer Hudson alone! She "sang" that Anthem like very few have been able to do. The only people who have done any better are Marvin Gaye and let us not forget Ray Charles' America, The Beautiful. MTV needs to stop hating on black folks. More Here on - So... Jennifer Hudson lip "Sang" The National Anthem, Who CARES?

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