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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the Story of Jamie and Gladys Scott, Injustice In America 101

Original Post: Tue, 10 Feb 2009

H/T and shout out to Nancy R. Lockhart, M.J. and Jamie Scott, for the blog that exposes the injustice involving Jamie and Gladys Scott. Also H/T to the good folks at the Black Agenda Report, Queen Ifama, blogger, From my brown eyed view, Thug Life Army, black news junkie, black talkradio, Your Black World, The Responsibility Project, and so many other bloggers and community activist for taking up the story and cause of Jamie and Gladys Scott. Also a H/T to the many BlogTalkRadio program host and participants who have taken this cause up. This includes new blogger, Antoinette, Jerry, Spicy, Dale, Seventies Soul Child, Wildflower, Soulfully Thinking, The Poor People's Campaign, and so many others.

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the Story of Jamie and Gladys Scott, Injustice In America 101

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