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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black on Black Hatred - Killing Black America


Black on black violence continues to grow across America. Although some don't agree with the term, black on black crime,  the reality is black America is killing each-other. While the NAACP, National Urban League, SCLC, Congressional Black Caucus, and faith based groups have lost their collective way, black America is dying, and black opinions makers are too busy kissing Barack Obama's ring or attacking right wing nuts and black conservatives. 

Let's take a look at some of what is going on. 

In New York, a fistfight on the 6 train in NY City as reported by the Gothamist.com is circulating throughout the Internet. Here's the video (warning: it gets particularly ugly at around 2:45). 

Yes,  NY city, hometown to opinion maker Al Sharpton. 

While he is running around the country, hooping and hollering about racism, rather than addressing black on black crime and self hatred, with, as an example:  the infamous NY City Train Fight.

CHAOS: A Web video captures two men fighting (inset) before one is knocked down and a woman sits badly bloodied on a No. 6 train.

Photos: Dailymotion.com

CHAOS: A Web video captures two men fighting (inset) before one is knocked down and a woman sits badly bloodied on a No. 6 train. Read more: NY Post.com

I guess I agree (somewhat) with Jimmie L. Hollis who writes about how Black-on-black crime is tragic in more ways than one. He highlights how the terror felt by a black crime victim is stressful and degrading enough. Knowing that the violence came from the hands of a black thug only adds insult to injury.

Such crimes occur almost daily in black communities across our nation. Criminals rove our neighborhoods like wild dogs, causing women and children to barricade themselves inside their homes.

He also writes: Contrary to popular belief, racism is not the main cause of black-on-black crime."

He also writes: "Racism didn't cause the evil attitudes, broken families, high rates of out-of-wedlock births, child abuse and abortions that plague black communities. The cause is a lack of moral foundation, ignorance, apathy, selfishness and greed. Yet, time and time again, we hear our so-called leaders repeating the age-old lie that these black problems stem from white racism. While some problems do have racist origins, black-on-black crime isn't one of these problems."  Read more HERE

In Detroit, as jobs and hope have evaporated in the wake of a gnawing recession, the fallout has been more than just economic. For a tiny slice of the population, it's become increasingly fatal.

For black males in the city between ages 15 and 24, the chances of getting murdered have risen rapidly in recent years, increasing from 79 in 2005 to 102 last year. The number reached a high of 115 in 2008.

"We are aware of it," said interim Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. "We are concerned."

Young black men account for just 7 percent of the city's population, yet more than a quarter of all homicides. 

They have a murder rate -- 200 per 100,000 residents -- nearly seven times higher than the rest of the population. If they had died at the same rate as everyone else in Detroit, there would have been 16 killed last year, or one every three weeks. Instead, police were investigating, on average, the murders of two young black men a week.  Read more from The Detroit News at HERE

In Chicago, IL, Five dead, 25 wounded during violent 50 hours.  As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times Media Wire, Three men and two teenage boys were killed -- and at least 26 other people suffered violent injuries -- during an especially bloody 48-hour period. Both boys were shot and killed while attending block parties.

Three of the murders, and many of the shootings, were on the West Side -- an area the Chicago Sun-Times reported top police officials are targeting gang members. Police confirmed Sunday that at least two of the West Side shootings were gang-related.

The Sun-Times reported Sunday Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis and other top law enforcement officials met with reputed leaders of several West Side street gangs as part of the Chicago Gang Violence Reduction Initiative.  More HERE

It's time for Blacks in America to address and stop Black on Black crime...

Now the question is whether black opinion makers are willing to move  our local communities towards addressing black on black crime... or make excuses...

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