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Saturday, August 4, 2007

John Edwards Populist or Posturing?

Contradictions, contradictions, contradictions. There is an interesting article in Mother Jones Mag regarding John Edwards and his new left leaning populist campaigning. The article highlights how primary voters who lean toward the left of the Democratic Party, the candidacy of John Edwards has presented a series of impossible contradictions— Check it out I think you will find the article informative. Clearly the John Edwards has a number of challenges. Check out the article, let me know what you think.

Hat Tip: Mother Jones Mag

Is John Edwards' Leftward Turn About Populism or Posturing?

Washington Dispatch: As his poll numbers sag, the presidential candidate has stepped up his populist rhetoric. He often speaks of "the two Americas"—the gap between rich and poor—but there are two sides to John Edwards as well.

For primary voters who lean toward the left of the Democratic Party, the candidacy of John Edwards has presented a series of impossible contradictions—the latest being the fact that the further down he dips in polls and in fundraising numbers, the more he starts saying the kinds of things they have been waiting to hear from a mainstream Democrat for twenty years or more. At a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Saturday, Edwards told an overflow crowd:

I think there are powerful interests in Washington DC…. The entire system is rigged, and it's rigged against you…. From insurance companies to drug companies to oil companies, those people run this country now…. And I think you got to take them on and beat them, I don't think you can sit at a table and negotiate with them. The idea that they are going to voluntarily give away their power... that will never happen…. They have billions of dollars invested in making sure there is no change, that the system continues exactly like it's continuing today.

At a stop in Iowa a few days earlier, Edwards took his populist rhetoric a step further, characterizing the attention to "silly frivolous nothing stuff" (presumably including his $400 haircuts and his former hedge fund salary) as a backlash—apparently, with the support of the mainstream media—by the rich and powerful, especially corporations, who are threatened by his campaign... More HERE

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