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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jena 6 - A call for Justice

Press Release

The Jena Six are students who have been charged crimes as part of a concerted retaliation against them for asserting their opposition to segregation at Jena High School.

It is now apparent that their will be a massive and historic march on Jena, Louisiana on September 20, to protest the persecution of Black youths in Jena, Louisiana for attempting to integrate the "white tree" at Jena High School. One observer suggested that as many as ten thousand marchers, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, will chant "Justice for the Jena Six" at this protest march.

Since the city's entire population is only 3,000, there is the very real prospect that the number of marchers may exceed the city's population by a factor of 3 to 1 or more. This presents a public safety challenge that the Jena, Louisiana police, fire and ambulance departments may be unable to meet constructively, particularly in light of the city's notorious antagonism to Black people.

"The parish is a major contributor to Republican politicians, and former klansman and
Louisiana gubernatorial candidate David Duke received a solid majority of local

One of the goals of the AfroSpear Jena Six Committee is to get Governor Blanco actively involved in obtaining justice and equality for the Black students at Jena High School. We also want to assure the safety of our marchers. We call upon Governor Blanco to assure that public safety officials in Jena, Louisiana will act ably and responsibly to assure the safety of all of the marchers and the public on September 20.

To compel the Governor's involvement and guarantee the safety of the march, I propose that the AfroSpear Jena Six Committee issue a press release announcing that the March will be a non-violent march for justice, and calling on Governor Blanco specifically to guarantee the safety of the marchers who will march on Jena on September 20.

This request will at once further publicize the March and will also focus international attention on the antagonistic behavior to which Blacks have been subjected in Jena, Louisiana.

Governor Blanco is responsible for Louisiana's public safety, and she failed notoriously in the case of Hurricane Katrina. Having been notified weeks ahead of time, there is no reason why she needs to fail again in the matter of guaranteeing the safety of the historic March on Jena, of September 20, 2007.


Francis L. Holland, Esq.

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