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Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Solidarity: Global Day for Darfur

Black American Indifference Is Not An Option!

This blog is joining with bloggers from around the world in an effort to to raise awareness to the genocide in Darfur. This blog is participating "In Solidarity: Global Day for Darfur" today, April 13th, 2008 along with several other afrospear bloggers. These bloggers includes but is not limited to:

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(H/T Black and Missing But Not Forgotten and Black Perspective for the links)

As reported by Save Dafur.org After five years of conflict in Darfur, children are reaching school age having experienced nothing but armed conflict. A million Darfuri children have grown up displaced, living in camps for refugees and internally displaced persons, many without opportunities for education, without knowing the meaning of home.

On the Global Day for Darfur on April 13, tens of thousands of citizens around the world will call on their governments and the United Nations to act decisively to get the U.N.-African Union peacekeepers deployed in Darfur as fully, effectively, and quickly as possible.

The children of Darfur - and the millions of civilians affected by five years of brutal violence - can wait no longer. They need the protection of peacekeepers NOW.

What Can Black Americans Do?

There is a great number of things black Americans can do to get involved. As an example we can
find an existing Darfur activist group to get involved locally. We should learn about hot-button legislation under consideration in the United States Congress. Let us not forget the power of the pen, or computer in contacting world leaders. As reported by Darfur Genocide.org world leaders are closer than you think. As an example, Darfur Genocide.org has a new 24 Hours for Darfur initiative that helps concerned citizens understand the situation and transmit their concerns to political leaders.

Learn about the situation from expert videos. Watch testimony from Darfurians. View appeals from people around the world. Record a message for your representatives right in your browser, or upload a video file. And email any video message directly to world leaders.

The power is in the worlds hands to change Darfur.

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