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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

United States White House For Sale, Clinton, cash and conflicts

AAPP: I know I am preaching to the Choir, but I must say, this recent article on the Clinton, cash and conflicts by Diane Francis is another great article on how Americans cannot trust Hillary or her now infamous (to black folks) husband.

Diane Francis reviews the interesting history of former hippy's Bill and Hillary (Republican) Clinton.

Her article makes it clear to the pundit that Bill and Hillary are nothing more than two greedy Americans who would sell anything and anyone for a dollar bill, with no accountability on who owns him, Hillary, and the White House, (if the superdelegates say yes to another 4 or 8 years to a Clinton dynasty).

Check out the article:

Clinton, cash and conflicts
by Diane Francis

Remember how talented Hillary Clinton was, as a commodities trader, was when she was just First Lady of Arkansas?

She made a fortune and never lost, thanks to some buddies in Chicago’s grain casino where she had a trading account and uncharacteristic run of good trades.
Now we find out that Bill, one of the First Ladies of the U.S. Senate, is exceedingly talented too in the financial sector as a closed-end mutual fund salesman. This has come to light recently now that the Clinton’s financials were finally published.
Slick’s speaking gigs represented the biggest money-maker, some US$52 million out of the US$109 million total. At US$100K a pop, that meant he spoke at least 1.5 times per week for roughly seven years. That’s very surprising, given the months Bill said it took to write his huge book as well as the months he lost as a result of heart surgery recuperation. So some paid more, lots more like the rumored US$250,000 he got from an Arab Sheikh to talk for a few minutes in the desert. Then there’s nearly C$500,000 netted in Canada in a matter of hours or days.

Foreign loot

I have no problem with Clinton hiring himself out to the highest bidder, but there are two concerning issues: One involving a massively understated income from a Hollywood buddy with ties to Arab regimes; and the other problem is the Clinton Library donors whose names have not been released but whose contributions represent a form of indirect income, if you like, paid to curry favor, massage the ego and perhaps win influence.
Clinton’s US$15 million between 2003 and 2007 was from Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Global Opportunities Fund. Up until last week, income from Yucaipa was disclosed by Hillary only as “more than $1,000 annually”.
But US$3 million a year is mega-more than $1,000 annually for a partnership with unknowns involved in questionable businesses, taking advantage of Cayman Island tax shelters.
In other words, Bill Clinton as a mutfund tout was a huge hit, a concern given that his wife has been the frontrunner to become next President of the White House. Such lucrative political front-running by a spouse is something that ethics committees in Congress should have a closer look at. Imagine if Mrs. Obama or Mrs. McCain were out there making millions in business fees from people their husbands may have dealings with if President? More HERE

AAPP: Soo... should lucrative political front-runners spouse (Bill Clinton) require a closer look from Congress? For that matter should the American people be looking closer at these greedy people?

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