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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stop Fake Reform.com

H/T Jack and Jill Politics - Join some of the best political and social bloggers on the internet. Folks like Jack and Jill Politics, Pam Spalding, Garlin Gilchrist and many other bloggers and sign the petition to get real campaign reform in the United States. Sign the petition at www.StopFakeReform.com.

You’ll join some good company (over 50 bloggers and almost 1700 signers) including:

Baratunde Thurston Co-Founder, Jack and Jill Politics (National)

Cheryl Contee Co-Founder, Jack and Jill Politics (National)

Pam Spaulding
Founder, Pam’s House Blend (NC & National)

Garlin Gilchrist II
Co-Founder, The SuperSpade (National)

Chris Rabb
Founder, Afro-Netizen (National)

Chris Bowers
Co-Founder, OpenLeft (National)

Glenn Greenwald
Writer, Salon.com (National)

John Amato
Founder, CrooksandLiars (National)

Founder, Hullaballoo (National)

Howie Klein
Founder, DownWithTyranny (National)

Chris Rabb
Founder, Afro-Netizen (National)

Marisa Treviño
Publisher, Latina Lista (National)

Manuel Guzmán
Editor, Latino Político (National)

Get an excerpt of the letter over at Jack and Jill Politics — > HERE

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