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Monday, May 4, 2009

Anger in Lumberton Texas, Killing of Black man causes cautionary words

"If you kill one more black man, I guarantee you we'll tear this whole damn city down,"
says New Black Panther Party.

Reports are tension surrounded the Black Panther protest in Lumberton, Texas
as theNew Black Panther rally draws protestors, supporters of the police killing of a black man
in this small Texas town. The Black Panthers called for truth behind LaDay death as the New Black Panthers rally ends in Lumberton.

Black Panthers News Conference Ends Peacefully

Davd Ingram, of station KBMT12 reports that New Black Panthers leader Quanell X spoke to about 300 people on Monday. He called a press conference in front of the Lumberton Police Department and talked for a half-hour about the death of 35-year-old Kevin LaDay.

Quanell X said the Lumberton Police beat LaDay to death last Thursday morning and he told the crowd that this behavior wouldn't be tolerated.

"If they kill another black man," said a heated Quanell X." We will take this damned town down."

Quanell X points to a photo of Kevin LaDay during the rally. The photo was said to have been taken after his arrest by Lumberton police. Photo Source: Guiseppe Barranco/The Enterprise

It was those heated words that almost resulted in fights. But law enforcement controlled the entire protest and there were no reports of any injuries or arrests. More HERE

More HERE:

AAPP says:

Is Texas about to explode? Or is it just outside agitation? What do you think? Is this another "side show" in a nation coming apart, or is this a group of people concerned about the welfare of black America?
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