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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blacks and Color-Aroused Culture in Brazil and the United States

International activist Francis L. Holland has a thought provoking post on Color-Aroused Culture in Brazil and the United States. He reviewing the work of a Brazilian Black advocacy group called Educafro, that he says, "has somewhat successfully protested Brazil's São Paulo Fashion Week because the models in the show are 97.5% white while Brazil is 50% Black and mestizo. (I say their protest was "somewhat" successful, like our protest of the lack of Black state blogs at the 2008 Democratic National Convention) because Educafro got a commitment to 10% Black models in a 50% Black country, while we got 7% Black blogs in a 20% Black Democratic Party. Is that something to celebrate or a good reason to burn down the Brazilian studios where the Fashion Show will be held?)"

AAPP says: Ouch! B
urn down the Brazilian studios... I don't think so. But you got to read more on Francis Holland and how his living here in Brazil has provided him with a first hand experience to see the disparity and discrimination. More HERE

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