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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama Fights For Gay Rights while Blacks Get Ethnic Cleansing of Core Cities

I'm a supporter of both gay and Black rights, but not the type of gay rights that would cause a gay Duke U. official to attempts to sell Black 5-Year-Old Son for Sex.

I just don't get how President Barack Obama is so willing to reassure gays in an outreach to gay rights groups, but he has failed to outreach to his own African American communities across America regarding black ethnic cleansing of core cities in America. The gay community is quick to bemoan the White House and now, as reported by Washington Post writer Richard Shear writes, President Obama opened the doors of the White House to hundreds of gay and lesbian leaders yesterday, continuing his cautious outreach to a constituency that has loudly criticized his efforts on its behalf. I guess the afrospear blogger Asabagna is right to ask the question is Gay the new Black!?

In an event in the East Room marking the 40th anniversary of the riots surrounding New York's Stonewall Inn, where gay patrons rose up against a police raid in Greenwich Village, Obama sought to reassure guests that he had not abandoned the issues important to them. He also drew a parallel between the progress gays and lesbians have made in recent decades and the struggles of black Americans to win equality.

"The truth is, when these folks protested at Stonewall 40 years ago, no one could have imagined that you or, for that matter, I would be standing here today," Obama said, promising to continue to push to overturn several laws that are anathema to gay activists. More HERE

AAPP says: It seems that many gays have forgetten the Bush years and now want to hate on Obama for inaction. It's interesting the President has not opened the doors of the White House to hundreds of the new crop of black leaders and black bloggers who have also been "concerned"of his efforts on its behalf.

honest Obama

As an example many black bloggers and black leaders have been concerned with the up-surge of hate crimes in America, the lack of a Marshall Plan for Black American urban core, and the ethnic cleansing or re-gentrification of black communities across America. I'm concerned like many others about Barack's Charter Schools failed bi-partisan policy. I have also been concerned with the emerging political and domestic terrorism against blacks and jews. The fact of the matter is Black folks think race relations have gotten worse since Obama took office. There are some bloggers who wonder out loud if, after six months, is President Barack Obama good for Black people? Judging from some black bloggers, Obama Gets an "F" from Black Agenda Report.

oops... How dare the Black Agenda Report and other bloggers talk about these issues, we are suppose to let Black rights just slip away... Right? Well at least the hookers are not bowing to gentrification.

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