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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sherri Goforth Makes History as two bit color aroused bigot

A Post-Racial Minute from Sherri Goforth, a legislative aide for Sen. Diane Black. As reported by the blog, Black Politics On The Web.com Tennessee Democratic legislators are expressing outrage over a racist e-mail about President Barack Obama that was sent by a state employee who works for a Republican lawmaker.

The e-mail from Sherri Goforth, a legislative aide for Sen. Diane Black, was sent last month to other staff for Republican senators. The e-mail, first reported by an East Tennessee

blog, shows a portrait or photo of each U.S. president except Obama, who is depicted only as wide eyes in a black background. MORE HERE

News outlets are reporting on Sen Diane Black's (R-Gallatin) legislative aid circulates bigoted and color aroused email. WTF - Get this. - Yet, another Republican feels free to attack the dignity of our presidential office with vile hate and racism. In what has become an almost daily occurrence in Republican circles, a staffer for Tennessee State Senator Diane Black sent out a racist email last month, demeaning President Obama, using her work computer and state email account .

The Republican staffer’s name is Sherri Goforth and she emailed a racial smear against President Obama to a long list of recipients, including co-workers. The email was entitled, “Historical Keepsake Photo,” and included a picture of all of our 44 presidents, except that President Obama’s portrait only contained two white eyes against a black background.

You would think that after her disgusting racial smear was revealed, Sherri Goforth would be suitably apologetic, humiliated and shamed. But that’s not the case, not at all. She doesn’t comprehend how reprehensible her actions were.

When asked about the racist email, Goforth was only sorry that her racism was made public and she showed no remorse. She was only sorry she sent the email smear to the “wrong list.”

This bigot thinks it's an Historical Keepsake Photo.

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