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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black bloggers and journalist pressure Dr. Laura Schlessinger to resign

Hat Tip to all the influential black bloggers, black organizations, and citizen journalist who posted, wrote, placed, and continue to place, collective pressure on sponsors of radio talk show hosts like Glen Beck and the Dr. of Hate, Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

The Hate Dr. "Laura Schlessinger"

Maybe she will get a facelift or some botox like so many hateful witches do. 

As reported by The Washington Post, bloggers and other news outlets, this bigoted witch, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, told  CNN's Larry King that she will not renew her contract, which is up at the end of the year. 

RIGHT! The only one that approves of your colored aroused bigotry is Sarah Palin.

 "I have made the decision not to do radio anymore," Schlessinger said. "The reason is, I want to regain my First Amendment rights. I want to be able to say what is on my mind."

The bigoted, and color aroused talk show host has been under fire for repeatedly using a racial epithet on a recent segment of her show. 

"I am not retiring," she said. "I am not quitting. I feel energized." 

"I want to be able to say what's on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry or some special interest group deciding this is a time to silence a voice of dissent."

So.... She wants to be able to say, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, Nigger, as a voice of dissent?  What a evil witch. She still does not get it.

AAPP: "What a liar that evil witch is. Her sponsors knew it was time to ditch her. Good night Dr. Laura Schlessinger."

Now we learn the Dr. of Hate has posted on her website, another apology, saying that "I made the promise that it will never happen again." But she complained of receiving "hate-filled diatribes" and reflected on how society has changed. What the hell, now she is complaining about "hate-filled diatribes." 

Great twist attempt Dr. Hate, great twist, but no one is hearing your twist of hate." 

I agree with blogger, Janet Shan at black political thought who writes, "The reality is that Dr. Laura shouldn't be the only one thrown under a bus for using the N-word. Neither blacks, whites or Latinos should use the word."  Check out Brother RiPPa who is on point.

The Christian Progressive Liberal over at Jack and Jill Politics is on point as well. Good work black bloggers and progressive bloggers. 

Note: Some are saying that boycotts have little negative impact on programs like Glen Beck with: ratings for the controversial show having never been higher. Get this, advertisers who are “boycotting” the show have only moved their ads to other Fox programs. 

Now it's time to get the afrospear bloggers group more active again, in this and many other issues.

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