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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blacks, Clinton's, The Presidency and Ron Brown

There remains issues and questions that black voters must take a look at before voting for the Clinton's in their efforts to take back the white house. In this upcoming election year, black voters are beginning to asks questions about what really happened with Ron Brown? There remains questions and issues that still haunt the Clinton's regarding the death of Ron Brown that must be addressed. I guess that is the reason why, blogger Backyard Beacon believes:

Ron Brown still haunts the Clintons.

The Late Ron Brown

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Clinton aides may be weeds themselves — only to be uprooted after planting a seed of doubt about Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in the minds of voters. Worst yet, “comments from associates of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton … could be construed as jabs at Obama’s race,” The Washington Post writes.

Whistle-blowers beware, however. Remember Commerce Secretary Ron Brown who died when his Air Force Plane crashed into a Croatian hillside in 1996?

Or did he die from a gunshot wound to the head?

“A circular hole in the skull … could have been a gunshot wound and certainly should have prompted an autopsy, according to an Air Force lieutenant colonel and forensic pathologist who investigated the jet crash in which Brown died,” the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported in 1997.

“Ten years later, the cliché headline reads like this, “Unanswered Questions Haunt Death of Ron Brown,” said Jack Cashill, the author of Ron Brown’s Body.

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