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Monday, December 24, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Southern Strategy - Black Voters and Black Bloggers

Clinton and the White Liberal Bloggers - photo by AMERICAblog

Unlike when White Liberal Bloggers met with Bill Clinton to kiss his ring in Harlem, NY, Black political bloggers are truly seeing the Clinton's for who they are. Black bloggers are asking many of the same questions and coming to pretty much the same conclusions regarding Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton's "Southern Strategy." You know "the southern strategy," started under Richard M. Nixon in 1968, which described Republican efforts to use race as a wedge issue -- on matters such as desegregation and busing -- to appeal to white southern voters.

Black bloggers are seeing that same "Southern Strategy" being played out by Hillary and Bill Clinton, along with their supporters, like John Kerrey this time the wedge they are trying to create in Obama the black man. You see race matters to the Clinton's.

Black bloggers have eyeballed and posted about Hillary's efforts to cast Obama as a Muslim! radical, and black bloggers have translated Bob Kerrey comments on Barack Obama.

I have also given my own observations of Bob Kerrey comments. There are some really angry black women who feel Hillary's efforts are not the kind of history a angry black bitch wants. For many black bloggers it's easy as 1-2-3 to understand what is going on. Clinton acolytes' racist attacks are nothing more than the the real race card. Black bloggers like The Field Negro have attempted to give some advice from the field. But the Clinton's have not been listening. Black bloggers are wondering not only about Hillary Clinton, but also the mastermind of her campaign Bill Clinton, you know the Bill Clinton who is suppose to be the first black President. What! Black bloggers got a chance to watch Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose talking about Obama: Who does he think he is? No Bill Clinton is not the first black President. And Hillary may not be the first women president, if she keeps on trying to 'Willie Horton' Barack Obama and stick to her position AGAINST Retroactivity for Drug Sentencing.

But guess what, I dont expect anything different but for Hillary Clinton to continue down that same road. She refuses to say she was wrong supporting the Iraq war, when black folks did not support the war from the beginning. Oh yeah, and Hillary, your husband was not the first black president.

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