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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

African Americans should not call themselves African American, or move out of the country if they choose to do so.

An opinion letter published by the Paris News shines more negative light on a controversial small Texas town.

Paris, Texas, as reported by WiredPRNews.com – A recent opinion letter published by a local newspaper has angered some residents of the town of Paris, Texas. In a letter to the editor of The Paris News regarding the current U.S. president, James Atkinson made an assertion that African Americans should not call themselves African American, or move out of the country if they choose to do so.

Atkinson is quoted in his letter, which was published on Oct. 12, as stating, “Just for the record, I’ve been here for 58 years and as of now I’ve yet to see a real Afro-American; the Blacks who were born here in the United States are Black Americans. If you want the title of Black African-American, you will have to move back to Africa. End of story.”

Paris resident Dorothy Lyons expressed disbelief that the town’s major news source would publish a letter she deems highly offensive to African Americans, regardless of it being placed in the opinion section. Lyons states, “This is an example of why we have been in the news so much about race problems here.” Lyons further notes, “What is the point of his letter? What about it would make them say this is something that everyone needs to read. If the KKK sent in a letter calling us all the n-word, would they publish that too?”

Paris, Texas is not new to controversy regarding race matters. Several individuals gathered for a protest in July regarding what many claimed was an inadequate investigation into the death of a 24 year-old black man, who some say was dragged by members of a white supremacist group. The case remains unsolved. More HERE

Meanwhile, Lloyd Marcus is a black conservative activist, national spokesperson, entertainer and singer/songwriter of the "American Tea Party Anthem". Marcus announced publicly at a tea party that he will not refer to himself as an African American. "In this current climate of heighten racial tensions, rejecting hyphenating and simply calling myself an American is a step in the right direction towards my goal of uniting all Americans" says Marcus.

Marcus is internationally known for his columns, music recordings and participation performing on political tours including the hugely successful Tea Party Express tour.

Marcus says he is not alone in his opposition to Americans hyphenating. It began in March 2009 at a Tea Party in Orlando Florida. Before performing his original song, "American Tea Party Anthem", Marcus addressed the audience. "I am NOT an African American. I am Lloyd Marcus...AMERICAN!" To Marcus' surprise, the audience of 6,000 erupted with applause. More HERE

AAPP: So what should black folks call themselves, was the newspaper in Paris, Texas right or wrong for publishing the opinion piece?

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