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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pam Spaulding, Blogger and Afrospear Member

Good news, The Huffington Post's Game Changers is celebrating 100 innovators, visionaries, and leaders in 10 categories who are harnessing the power of new media to reshape their fields and change the world. Here is better news, one of our own, Pam Spaulding has been picked by HuffPost as one of the 10 people who are changing the game in Politics. Like the Huffington Post I salute Pam. Read more about what the Huffington Post says about Pam.
Don't forget to vote for Pam.

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Huffington Post.

Current Status:
Exposing hatred and ignorance from a laptop in North Carolina

Changing The Game By: Using her home computer -- along with an outsider’s passion and perspective -- to expose the hypocrisy and hatred that fuels homophobia and racism. No ordinary voice in the gay political blogosphere, Spaulding, a black lesbian, lives in Durham, North Carolina. Her blog, Pam’s House Blend, catalogs in detail the anti-gay words and actions of the media, politicians and clergy. Her compass isn’t partisan; it’s aligned with what she thinks is right and wrong, which is why she’s paying close attention to whether Obama will become the inclusive president he claimed he would be. “Words are just words,” she says. “They must become actions. Everyone will be closely watching.”

Earning Their Respect: Pam’s House Blend was one of the first blogs to acquire press credentials to last year's Democratic National Convention.

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